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Roll Over Beethoven

May 1, 2006

DRM to join death and taxes. Will Sun's DReaM spare us the nightmare? by ZDNet's David Berlind — While I was on vacation last week, I noticed that Cory Doctorow issued a scathing review of Sun's Project DReaM in response to my podcast interview of Sun Labs director of engineering Tom Jacobs who heads up development of DReaM. Under the auspices of an organization called the Open Media Commons, Sun is pitching DReaM […]

It’s hard to have any sympathy for this battle of the well heeled and high sparks game of greed in their ravenous lust for the golden goose. I read something recently concerning Apple vs. Apple (almost like that Spy vs. Mad Magazine Spy) it’s a gig that’s sure to blow up in both their voracious faces (sooner or later). The fact that they’re both into death grips over this low hanging fruit goes right to the core of the matter. It’s not the protection of the artist so much as it is protection of the label and enforcement over the label’s contract that has been the woe too often of too many artist. For example I know of one of the top rising stars in opera that made a recording for the classical record label Naxos of Yiddish Theater, which is wildly popular, not just to the Jewish communities around the world but to all the aficionados who love this wonderfully entertaining and endearing musical art form. But to the point the label only covered the contractual expense of producing the record, which is now on back order and they (the label lords) are making a huge amount of money while the artist themselves have precious little more to show from their good and honest efforts beyond the publicity and a pat on back maybe the chance of doing another beautiful as well as technically complex art form for the amount of “well who knows”… (Maybe at some point time in the uncertain future for an undisclosed amount we might entertain the thoughts of raping your talents again sometime… Hey what a deal huh?) It’s a travesty that some many wonderful artist are left in such a shameful fashion, reminds me more of the boxing game than anything else. I read something that Skype was planning to markets a plan where the artists are paid directly for their efforts… even if its just 3 cents its still more than many are making now. Hard for one to feel any sympathy for these shameful recording label robber barons. DRM or DreaM still sounds like a load of C.R.A.P. for somebody's rotten to the core golden apples.

It’s hard to have any sympathy for this battle of the well heeled and high sparks game of greed

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  1. May 1, 2006 10:31 am

    Hi, Good point!

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