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Can’t Keep a Good Man Down

May 2, 2006

The Lady Won't But the Beatle Will Paul O'Donnell –Paul Sharrat had no luck contacting the late Princess Diana three years ago in a televised séance—well, no luck in the sense that Di refused to speak for the cameras. Sharrat did make some $7 million from viewers willing to pony up a $14.95 pay-per-view fee. That kind of luck encouraged Sharrat to try again. Last night, psychics gathered at John Lennon’s favorite New York restaurant in an attempt to reach out to the former Beatle, as cameras focused on the Strawberry Fields memorial in Manhattan’s Central Park and other Lennon sites. […]

You can't keep a good man down or so it certainly seems, it could happen… There are, of course, stranger things that can and do happen. Just ask the cosmologist who discovered a few months back that 80% of the known universe had vanished into dark matter that can’t be seen but only indirectly quantified but never the less gone missing in the a blink of an eye. The best explaination why Lady Di may not have chosen to make an appearance could have been that desire to allow someone else the honor of warning up the crowd, besides it is her right as every woman to be fashionably late should she so choose.

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