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“White Magic” Finds New A New Home!

July 27, 2006

by Lucky7Star © July 2006

One of the most odd events, in a place where strange is simply the run of the mill, talk of the town, home of the “almost twice now” World Super Bowl Champion “Carolina Panthers” comes this, blolt from the blue, a different kind of zoo school white bison calf… To Spartanburg (actually Inman South Carolina’s HollyWild Zoo and Animal Theme Park).  This is both a rare treat but a complete surprise to most residents.  There are only a handful of White Buffalo in the entire world seven of which are located  in Arizona, this one was born June 17 in Colorado,  and now finds itself roaming to the green pastures of the Carolinas in search of a name… White Magick is the only way to describe it.  No other mechanism can explain the “why” of it all…  But White Magic always works for me.  


The local story by Amanda Ridley think someone in this part of the world might be tempted to eat the little fella…  Yikes!!!

Baby white buffalo roams to zoo, looking for a name by Amanda Ridley NY Times Syndication Reports– Lots of people like rare meat, and Hollywild Animal Park now has some of the rarest … on the hoof. An all-white baby buffalo, born June 17 in Colorado, is on display at the animal park in northwestern Spartanburg County, zookeeper David Meeks said. Baby buffalos typically are born orange or red. A white buffalo is said to be as rare as one in 10 million. It is a sacred figure for some Native American tribes.

OMG I hope not! In these parts, looks like, rare meat is going to take on an entirely different meaning!:)

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