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AWAKENINGS in the World of EVP

August 16, 2006

Lucky7Star © August 2006 

AWAKENINGS (1990) is a film by Penny Marshall musical score by Randy Newman (Oscar winner 2003), with riveting performances by both Robin Williams and Robert DeNiro… With one of the finest soundtrack ever (but difficult to find) what is even more difficult to believe is why Oscars and accolades were not bestowed upon this remarkable film.  It is perhaps DeNiro’s and  certainly Williams’ finest work.  Still I think the point is lost on the fact that there is no such thing as a simple miracle but here let me turn to the point and premise of the movie which were the victims of an encephalitis epidemic many years ago have been catatonic ever since and that through the massive dose of the drug L-Dopa, still they seemed to get their “will” to move from some other place… The doctor in the movie described it as”will” amassed from “the ball”,  the music (each responded to the music in a unique and personal manner) or from human touch. 

Which brings us to EVP and spirit communication thru the electromagnetic broadcast spectrum called “white noise”.   Anyone who has changed a station as they touch the antenna can see the strange effects of ghost reflections and signal reception just by standing in different places in the room.  EVP takes this a step further, some might say completely over the edge by establishing contact with ghost signals from the other side. 

Recently there was a pay-for-view produced during a séance that attempts to contact the former Beatle “John Lennon” .

A controversial television seance airing on Monday will claim it has reached the spirit of John Lennon, but viewers will have to pay $9.95 (5.58 pounds) to find out what the peace-loving Beatle has to say. by RINF The special, being carried on pay-TV service In Demand, was organised by the producers of a 2003 attempt to channel the late Princess Diana. That show failed to find Diana and received reviews that could have sunk the Titanic but it is estimated to have grossed close to $8 million. […]

Its clear that they can produce a pot full of money from this kind of stunt but what remains to be seen is if they can produce some kind of verifiable records that can stand the scrutiny of science that provide a fruitful path for serious research. An electromagnetic signal provides a searchable signature that can be traced and its source discovered, given time and resources. This is perhaps the most promising area of psychic research today because it provides something more than a shot in the dark and may even provide a map of the human spirit’s landscape. At least the area of this side of heaven landscape that maybe, at last may prove reachable.

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  1. celticprincess permalink
    August 18, 2006 7:40 pm

    EVP isn’t really new, but it is becoming more popular as people are made aware that is does exist. In 1992 I just had to make a point to 2 unbelieving people that claimed spirits don’t exist, can’t comminucate with us and those believing they do are crazy. I used a portable tape player.

    It was simple. I turned on the tape player, had the 2 dis-believers ask questions with 3 minutes of silence between each question. When I played the tape back to them they were shocked to hear tapping noise in that 3 minutes of silence, since we were dead quiet for 3 minutes.

    It was simple test, but being clairaudient it proved a point that energy never dies. It becomes more spiritually evloved and the more evolved it becomes the easier it is for those spirits to communicate with the people on Earth.

    John Lennon may have had his day with drug abuse, but consider the fact that we all come here for a reason and how we grow spiritually is all that really matters on the day you die.

    I hope John Lennon finally speaks up from the world that most people are terrified of facing.

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