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September’s both Astrologically and Numerically Active

September 6, 2006

Lucky7Star © September 2006 

All and all a great time to be at the beach… don’t forget we have a full moon so you should be ready … Its got a bit of that Virgo Pisces thing working too but more ,I think, importantly is that its on the North Node in the Vedic astrology this is dealing with your part of you future fortune that is before you so people in events that you have contact with are a strong indication of what that future will hold.

Also we have both the Lunar (on the 7th 16 degree Pisces) and Solar (on the 22nd on the 29th degree in Virgo) eclipse to deal with… some times in this position it can create a bit of emotional distress so that those with an a predisposition along these lines (like the Cancers) need to be aware that they do not slip over the edge one way or the other. For those who would like to take a look at the chart Click on Chart

 If we look at this numerically the 7, 22,16, and 29 (2) are all activated in astrological terms and since Numerology is rooted in Astrology it is a good idea to look at these as signs over all no matter how your own personal numerical chart is structured.
On the heels of Pluto being removed from the heavens it is these aspects that will tend to be energized both in the areas of inquiry since we are talking of a new paradigm of both thought and structure.  I sometimes get a bit of quiet laughter from those who tell me…” I believe in the numbers but I just don’t believe in that astrology stuff or something to the effect of how they can see the cow’s head but just not sure where that tail stuff comes from. As wise King Solmon once said, “You can’t split the baby.”

Now President Bush should enjoy a bit of rise in his over all popularity but his decisions may not since this is sure to be a time ripped with its share of emotional turmoil some very dicey political daring do will more than likely be made.  These will be major policy decisions that will set the course for not only the county but will indeed impact the world for the next generation. 

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