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Time capsule to be beamed from Mexican pyramid

October 16, 2006

Space Alien vs. Cyberspace Intelligence ( Houston We May have a problem!”)

Okay, say we do make some kind of contact with aliens from another world…. I mean do we really want to do this?  We can’t even seem to have a decent conversation with a Democratic and Republican in the same room,  what makes anyone think that we might fair any better with Space Martians?  I don’t think so, more likely to end up someplace between the calamari and the raw oysters on some kind of intergalactic space menu. 

Anywho I don’t think it’s the Space Martians that are going to be the problem as it is with the artificial intelligence that is sure to result from our computers engineers sooner or later.  And who is to say it has not already happened, I’m mean it could be like the problems with the H.A.L 9000… OMG:)  In any event there are som big plans brewing… Trick or Treat no kidding!

Time capsule to be beamed from Mexican pyramid Mexico’s Teotihuacan, once the center of a sprawling pre-Hispanic empire, is set to become the launch pad for an attempt to communicate with extraterrestrial life. Starting on Tuesday, enthusiasts from around the world will have a chance to submit text, images, video and sounds that reflect human nature to be included in the message. Those contributions–part of media company Yahoo’s “Time Capsule” project–will be digitized and beamed with a laser into space on Oct. 25 from the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, now an archeological site near Mexico City. Archeologists say a culture centered in Teotihuacan, known as the City of the Gods, dominated Mesoamerica for hundreds of years during the first millennium. It is unclear what led to the society’s collapse. “We have this incredible ancient site and from that site we can project contemporary content,” Srinija Srinivasan, Yahoo’s editor in chief, told Reuters. “What is new is the ability to capture this information in such scale.” In the 1970s, astronomer Carl Sagan compiled a record with sounds and images, including a mariachi band and greetings in an ancient Sumerian language, to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth. His record was sent out with the Voyager spacecraft in the hope that extraterrestrial life forms would eventually find it. […]

Stay tuned! We may actually find Elvis Rocking and rolling in his pink Cadillac someplace on the planet Zoldor Halloween Party extraordinary. Just in time to kick off that Blue Christmas with a little “Jail House Rock” special… Wow, now how hope does spring eternal!

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