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Ghost Luggage and the Legend of the TSA

December 18, 2006

I thought to write a scary Christmas story… but then I thought maybe this tale of woe might hit too close to home.  Thoughts of how the flying public is at the whimsy of the TSA, and how their lives can be altered or just destroyed by this gang of thuds hits too close to the truth and might interfere with many a travler’s holiday cheer.   Still not to warn travelers to keep a keen eye on this too real American terror from the skies would be irresponsible and to shriek from ones duty just plain wrong.  I’ve yet to have my day in court over all of this but I can relate to the tales of others and having been subjected these all too real “homegrown” terrorist, to know up close and personal, that these tales of terror are all too true. Others have also experienced what seems to be a coordinated contempt in their harassment of the flying public.  It don’t take a psychic or rocket science to figure what’s afoot fear not the terrorist in hiding under your bed but the TSA homegrown terrorist in your face is the clear message here.

Ghost luggage that seemly vanishes into thin air.  The airline has not a single clue and the TSA is either in your face running a gang of thieves out of the taxpayers pockets or just too stupid to know… But no one can be quite this stupid unless its ignorance by design. 

I live in a very conservative part of the world blessed with some beautiful weather (75 degrees on a cloudless sunny sky in this 18th of December day) and at times bless with making of above average children.  A very beautiful state-of-the-art International airport with overstaffed and bored TSA agents looking to make history because “We’re just like the FBI” one shout at the top of his lungs… No doubt this new battle cry is a fact that would explain much.  This new terror from the skies is not completely the fault of the TSA but I think perhaps the TSA is simply a tool that is intent on striking at the heart of our constitution or so it seems. 

Is it a class war, its not clear as muddled as the 3-1-1 rule one confusion if thats not muddy enough… in its silent but still concerted efforts to gain control over the Internet (In such a way that could only be envisioned by few ( Overturning the “Net Neutrality” which turns over control of the net to a few telecommunications and cable companies is but one among a few well placed but obscure acts of  our “do nothing” Congress (along with the Patriot Act) to silence the little guy and seriously impair the first amendment of our Constitution so as to effectively destroy our Bill of Rights. Seems clear enough.

Or so it would appear (when you consider the facts of the matter not just what is paraded before us as the Emperor’s new wardrobe (eg. “Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld is the greatest in American history” “Michael Brown IS doing a fantastic job at FEMA” ect.)  The torch has passed! (And left everyone else in this generation and most parts of the country with nothing but a big stupid sign to hang around our collective necks). The war has come to not only take the best part of our country’s manhood and what’s left of our Bill of Rights but also, it seems apparent, has come for our luggage too.  Its tragic that so many have been call upon to pay the ultimate price so that some clowns can stay comfortable in their private aircraft view of the war as nothing but an unpleasant bit of trouble when viewed from the advantage at 40 thousand feet, while those on the ground must brave bullets and fight or die for their luggage with those who do not have a clue.   I suppose we don’t need to bother with the paper shredders as far as our Constitution is concerned… Must be what that’s the torches job is set to do.  Great job.  

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