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Ghost Stirring up the Halls of Justice

December 28, 2006

Lucky7Star © December 28th 2006

With all this talk about if this domestic spying is legal ect its kind of odd that a ghost start to appear in courthouses around Christmas time.

NSA headed to court
by ZDNet‘s Mitch Ratcliffe —
Keeping up on a story followed here, the National Security
Agency will argue the legality of its domestic

Maybe this is a moot point after The ghost captured on the Lincoln County Courthouse security camera may have rendered this all a bit of an academic question. 

Lincoln County Courthouse Maybe… Haunted?

Lincoln County – Security officers at a Charlotte courthouse think they’ve seen enough, but you’ll have to decide for yourself. Officers at the Lincoln County Courthouse in North Carolina say they’ve got the evidence to prove that their courthouse is haunted. Like any ghost story, there are those that aren’t buying the tale. Security officers spotted an image on a security camera image about a month ago. They first saw what appeared to be a woman writing in a journal after hours one November evening. In fact, the image of the woman writing looked so authentic to the officers, they actually went to the location to investigate. When they checked it out, the security cameras showed what appeared to be the officers walking *through* the woman. First Sgt. Lonnie Reap says there is no question about what he saw. “I believed all along that there’s ghosts in this courthouse,” Reap said, “A lot at night, I’ve heard foot steps–I’ve heard noises that I couldn’t explain.” Reap should know because he’s worked at the courthouse for more than 30 years.

There was a story on the morning news about a top selling book called “One last Day” by Mitch Albom. It stirs up those memories from Christmas’s past and with whom, if you could, spend one last day. Christmas memories are among the most powerful and perhaps this is why this time of year produces some of our most memorable movies and songs and yes, that feeling deep down inside on that special time in our life. Perhaps in that sense its not only for the living but also for the dead to conjure up from the crypt and try and rejoin the living one last time.  A kind of modern day “Christmas Carol” or so it seems.  It just seems rather odd that Especially in this festive season of the year all of a sudden the Ghost from Christmas past starts to appear.  The fact that the ghostly apparition appears as a female (widow no doubt) still seeking justice after these untold years, still writing letters that will be never read is somehow made even more potent in this day in time when, perhaps even in times past, one could only have as much justice as they could afford.     I suppose that some things never change.

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