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Evp of John Lennon Though the Internet medium For Group Medium Channel

January 18, 2007

At least this was one suggestion from the Psychic NetworkThe Healing Vortex Still it was rather odd that some of what was suggested concening a recent effort to connect with the peace loving Beatle:

Evp Though the Internet medium for a Medium Channed Connection,
That is of course the claim by one TV Seance show which sold ticket for the event. I’ve not seen it so I can’t say but maybe worth a thought or two.

TV Seance Claims to have reached John Lennon
RINFA controversial television seance airing on Monday will claim it has reached the spirit of John Lennon, but viewers will have to pay $9.95 (5.58 pounds) to find out what the peace-loving Beatle has to say.

The special, being carried on pay-TV service In Demand, was organised by the producers of a 2003 attempt to channel the late Princess Diana. That show failed to find Diana and received reviews that could have sunk the Titanic but it is estimated to have grossed close to $8 million…

Was the same group that had made the attempt to connect to Diana P… Thoughts here at PNN are these circumstances require the same Protocol to follow as if her Majesty were still among the living, which is to not call upon her unless spoken to first. There there are those who actually suggest attempts of contact be made by means of a OUIJA BOARD. Not that I do not think it possible but it is terribly bad form. John Lennon may have made an exception for himself in order to advance world peace but as far as Lady Diana are concern decency demands strict protocol be adhered if not just out of respect for the “dearly too soon departed” then for out of respect of her sons William and Harry. Any psychic who commit such an indigression for mere money, were it up to me and I think most would agree it should be “Off with their heads!”… God Save the Queen. I suppose this is best said today Jan. 18th 2007 on the eve of a new moon, which those who have engaged in such reckless acts ought to stop NOW and offer more careful and kind consideration in the future. Perhaps this is a bit of a rush to judgement but for those who wish to read the article in full please visit:

Step aside Google
Spreadsheets. Bricklin’s WikiCalc has reinforcements

by psychic mediums ‘s Craig Hamilton-Parker

My friends and I have been using the Ouija board and the name that was constantly being spelt out was Diana, Diana Diana ….. over and over again. We couldn’t understand the message at the time and each member of our circle had no close friends called Diana. All was revealed a few weeks later when we heard the news that Diana had been killed in the car crash. Do you think that the spirit world saw it coming.

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  1. Astral City » Evp of John Lennon Though the Internet medium For Group Medium Channel

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