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Houston Texas and Mission Control has its own Problems Imus, Demonic VT, and Really Strange Weather Aside

April 20, 2007

Lucky7Star © April 21st 2007


Houston Texas & Mission Control has its own Imus, Demonic forces on the rampage at Virginia Tech, and Really Strange Weather Aside… All part of this odd synchronicity with the stock market about to close at record high near the 13,000 mark.  I suppose you have to take the good with the bad.  Prayers for all the families at Virginia Tech… I hate to say I know how they feel but unfortunately I just lost my dear friend and brother-in-law in a tragic car crash, that claimed two lives outside of Atlanta just this past week.


I think maybe odd premonitions are not outside of the ballpark these days.   Me and my friend had a real heart to heart talk shortly before this all transpired and without going into details I had looked into some very odd occurrences and hesitate to rush to judgment on such matters but one things is inescapable is how the culture of the Politically Correct coddle and encouraged us all to become a nation of victims, extolling the virtue of passive intellectual disarmament… Look at things like the CBS Survivor Show to see that the first one that they try and gang up on is the strongest and best fit to survive…Devolution… Darwin in reverse in a metaphysical sense. 


Just look at the weather if anyone needs a kind of cosmic confirmation.  Global Warming, with snow in parts of almost May, a more fittng moiker would be “Global Weird”.  As the ice sheet melts all that cold has to bounce around someplace, so we end up with something akin to snow in Miami.  Another thing we are just starting to see is the increase in earthquakes.  It just makes sense when you have things like the Ross Ice Shelf (a piece about the size of Rhode Island) just dissappear from the Antarctica (after ten million years or so)… Which displaces massives amounts of not just heat and energy but hundreds of millions of metric tons of water (you think Katrina was bad).  Sort of put things in perspective but the same applies to our little psychic community. Ready to Rock and Roll no kidding once the icy grip lock slips away from terra firma… Happy Earth Day!  Enjoy the moment while it last, nothing or no one should be taken for granted. 


Grace Carrington, about whom Janet Ferguson had some wonderful things to say and most already know that Grace is an exception reader and friend, who still (only God knows why), remains with the large psychic portal over at Keen… Why?  I rather suspect its because her site has been hack so many times (by wonder who?) Maybe has little choice.  Still  Its very doubtful that the finest readers, even those of the most modest talent and experience would allow themselves to be constrained by the TOS and heavy handed and unethical management work in Keen Playfair division, which is anything but.  They have pilfered bids by readers and have their own set of  rules designed to maximize profits while they minimizes those who offer a glimpse of truth. Excellence is NOT encouraged and they retain only those who will, for a buck, suffer fools.  For the finest of top readers visit Lucky7Star’s Psychic Mall for reader direct services.  Because if its left up to me I choose to arm every one I know and love to the teeth… If this is war, we need to do ourself a favor, cut the crap and be ready for bear… Serious love and light dear friends.


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