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Ice Sheet Source of Gravitational Anomalies in Canada

June 11, 2007


by Lucky7Star © June 11th 2007

The gravitational anomalies over Canada have been under scrutiny for years… some have thought it was the granite in one area or the gravel mixture benith the surface that was the culprit but as scientist have recently discover the perpetrator was there hidden in plain site the entire time (in the form of perhaps one of the largest geological prehistoric footprints on record)… It’s the massive ice sheet that use to cover a large portion and formed the Hudson Bay region (which may too soon vanish from the Pole) may soon give the scientist a chance to recalibrate their measurements. Just as the magnetic pole and true north has been long considered a mystery, scientist are learning (the hard way perhaps) of the Northern ice sheet affects everything from the weather over Boston to the ground water in their backyard well… Perhaps even the stability of things such as the San Andreas fault. This could discovery may even affect your purchase price of your Northwestern Airline ticket… Of course I’ll never recover my baggage since that’s one airline that can’t make it to the bone yard too soon in my booking. Talk about your “Butterfly Effect”… Wow no joke! This is not to say this is the complete story but it does explain alot… What is not resolved is what will happen if and when the ice sheet completely vanishes from the polar regions… If it was enough to alter gravity then what or how will it alter the slow, and to date, very predictable motion in the Earth’s orbit to roll or perhaps tip the rotational orbit into another axis… The shifting of the magnetic poles in the past shows something happened before and tho not likely now certainly something we do not need slipping into or laps, out of the blue, off our plate, when we least expect.

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Fox news reports © May 11th 2007 By Jeanna Bryner

Massive Ice Sheet Partial Cause of Missing Canadian Gravity

A mysterious dip in gravity over northern Canada has long been a weighty topic for some scientists. Satellite data indicates that that a massive ice sheet that once covered eastern North America is at least the partial cause of this gravitational anomaly.

The long and short of things is simply this… If the scientist want to find out, they have the tools, in hand to do it. All needs to be done is to run some quick numbers on the amount of ice, thickness of the last ice age sheet, with the mass of the Earth, then simply calculate the angular momentum necessary to change the orbit vis a via (along the lines of force) of the equatorial momentum axis and see if that correlates to the variance to magnetic vs. true north… If it does then you have your answer. The problem, however, will remain (that is how to stop the polar melt)… but you will have a proof certain, and a theorem in hand of what can be expected should the problem escape our powers to provide a corrective solution.


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