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Live Earth Concert World Event ALive and Wired!

July 7, 2007

The largest one day events concert in history!

… _ _ _ …

Sending out a SOS Message in a Bottle… “Police”

“Are you Alive?!!” 

Amazing tunes to tune into… Phil Collins Genesis

Spinal Tap

Portion of the show (missed the kick off in Australia) in the UK”s Wembley Stadium London with stage set to the Druids and Stonehenge… Brought every Bass play in the known world to bear on the problem.

James Blunt, and The Beastie Boys

Doors opened an hour ago. Before the crowds started pouring in, I got to take a spin around the stadium with Marty, my Here’s a shot of us in front of the stage. In another half hour, this place will be packed and Kenna will take the stage. Can’t wait!

Leaving London now and switching to New York and what a trip

Keith Urban Alcia Keys The 07/07/07 Date has arrived

is set onstage an amazing day…. The awareness is making its manifest upon the Global mind

Meanwhile back in London the

PussyCat Dolls

are shaking the roof off Wembley Showing the London crowd how to rock it with

“Don’t you Wish Your Girlfriend was Hot Like Me!”

Now a pause for “Global weird as a stong Thunderstorm closes my Net buzzard eye on the world…  It would be of course right before Madonna is set to hit the stage.

Hold the Press on Kevin Wall takes the Al Gore pledge in DC or with the BBC… Amazing. 

God Save the Queen!

Make no mistake… Undiminished respect for a thousand years makes a lot things, seemly impossible, possible.

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