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Building Carparthia

July 12, 2007

by PNN’s Lucky7Star © July 12th 2007

(Editorial *note as some have asked “Building What?” Some are just lost by the entire storyline… Ok fair enough… I’m having the same trouble with my email so maybe a sign:) Carpathia, is the Ship that came to the aid of the Titanic… It’s about building a sea wall in space to hold down the temperatures so that we have the time to make the adjustments in our base economy from oil to something else.

Maybe I should have just explained it better but the SOS from the Live Earth Concert was the The international distress radio code the Titanic used for the first time in transatlantic navel history . . . _ _ _ . . . and lead to one of the most dramatic rescues on the high seas. The story of the Carpathia Captain’s mad dash to the Titanic’s position is seldom told but truly heroic. Too much perhaps because like all true stories it ends in death. Or, maybe I should just redo the story and quit being so obtuse Sorry.)

Where was Charlie Daniels? by The Psychic Network Staff Reports–

The fight for truth is among the hardest battles fought… Aside, of course, from those struggles for love and faith. Many think now, that the show is over, it is the end of it…

McCamley’s Donor List, Live Earth Hot Air/Hypocrisy & Amazing Grace
by Dean Forest Writes–
It’s over! The Live Earth concert series to bring ‘awareness’ to global warming is over! Nothing gets people motivated to roll up their sleeves and get to work to save the planet then getting them to drive their gas burning cars long distances to massive concerts that uses extra energy for lighting and equipment to drink beer, do drugs and listen to music. Yes, nothing saves the planet like going to a concert and partying instead of actual work.

I seriously doubt its over (Just today TWO major earthquakes rocked Japan the most powerful since Kobe)… In fact we have only yet to enter into this fight for survival its just getting started. Of course music is a weapon but it’s far from being the last bullet in the gun… Its just the first to fire. A warning shot, so to speak… Still just where wasCharlie Daniels? Besides between the Devil and the deep blue sea (playing the fiddle with the devil will not cut the mustard any better than Nero’s violin lessons were able to extinguish the fires of Rome) best not forget the most dangerous place on earth is between a mother and her child. Carpathia, child, and mother. (Carpathia being The ticket for our survival) It is a fair question from where will our Carpathia arise? How are we to save our self from ourselves?

There are those who still see Mobile/Exxon as part of the problem (maybe a bit vested however A stark warning issued by The Royal Society concerning recent campaigns of disinformation should clarify the issue)… But if we are to succeed we do not have time to fight with each other… Certainly any equation that does not include our largest corporation on the planet as part of the solution is doomed to failure. We must work together but certainly those who have yet to understand must see this is their fight too. There is a role that everyone can play

There is not enough time to fight and bicker… Time is not on our side. Now we have a short window to plan a decisive course of action… We can build our own Carpathia. No one is going to do it for us, except for the leadership it took for us to get to the moon… We have the engineers, we know the science, and the price of failure none can afford. We just need the political vision of leadership to direct NASA to start work on plans to build and launch a sun shield device that will safely lower the temperature of the planet by blocking 2 percent of the sunlight. There are scientist who believe this is possible to do in the time frame we have allotted from the CO2 temperature correlated projections… this is not an end in itself. But it does buy us precious time to convert our global economy from fossil fuels to something more self sustaining and environment friendly.

Space Sunshade Might Be Feasible In Global Warming Emergency

by Staff writers Tucson AZ

The possibility that global warming will trigger abrupt climate change is something people might not want to think about. But University of Arizona astronomer Roger Angel thinks about it. Angel, a University of Arizona Regents’ Professor and one of the world’s foremost minds in modern optics, directs the Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory and the Center for Astronomical Adaptive Optics.

Use this neat social bookmark device to connect to the larger Blogsphere! Watch leading maverick Ron Paul’s stump meeting in South Carolina… Notably absent of any position on global warming.

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  1. July 16, 2007 10:52 pm

    Actually I like the look of your website now that you have changed the colors. Red is more captivting to the eye and seems to catch the attention of others. It’s become a great website to visit with information on just about everything interesting.

    However, in my world the word obtuse would be a 120 degree angle used in haircutting that is inbetween a 180 degree angle and a 90 degree angle, but I did know what you meant in your usage of it when you wrote about Live Earth, which is an extremely important issue on this planet as a whole. I’m not so sure the masses of people understand the corrolation of Building Carpathia to Live Earth to the SOS. Young people espiecally, since they seem more worried about the next girl or boy they meet and have no cares about the planet itself. These are the people that will be this Planet’s future and the generations to come of your family offspring.

    See the confusion of the English Language. We can understand the same word with several different meanings and go from being on the same page to being in two different worlds.

    Kind of makes you wonder why people get confused easily when your having a conversation in English with them. I speak 5 languages, but English has the most words that have different meanings for the same word that have no correlated relation to each other.

    BTW Be sure to blog by sometime at The Path Beyond

  2. October 4, 2007 1:42 pm

    ” Card Pick For Today ”

    The Death card represants a shedding of the one self and does not have to necessarily mean a physical death.
    The shedding may include the ending of a friendship or associations, the falling through of the plans or the end of old habits.

    My Advice: II

    All things must change so that new life can spring from old forms. It is time to overcome old habits and let go of so-called securities.

    Make a clean break from the past. Not recongnizing the positive aspects of painful experiences and refusing to learn from them is only an, illusion about the real meaning of loss, the ending of a cycle in life or a personal separation…

    Good Day,

    Expert Tarot Reader,
    Mystic Sunrise


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