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CBS Reports from “The Top of the World” Merely The Tip of the Iceburg

August 15, 2007

Lucky7Star © August 15th, 2007
On the eve of the dearly departed a channeled vision of Elvis’ EVP has made contact thru the lens of Roy Orbison Sunglasses at Sun Records and is sad to report from ghost particles that have found their way thru space and time to the time that time forgot…

 Roy Orbison Sunglasses

CBS got it wrong in the Report it stated that it was the mixture of the sun, in the watery waves, and in our blue sky that the clear winds of global warming blows… But this IS most definitely not the case, at least according to the latest ghost particles that have been gleaned from the shades of Roy Orbison and songs of Elvis crooning from the Rock and Roll Blues of the past to the present that want us to know the truth… None of the politicians have offered a solution to one of the greatest problems of our time… The melting of the polar caps and the plate tectonics losing their cohesive hold from their icy grip on the land mass… Undersea movements produce tremendous heat induced into the landmass crust of the seabed, earthquakes on land. Like looking down a barrel of a gun, there comes a time to laugh and to love… And a time to panic like a Hellbilly and head for the hills… That time is fast approaching. No Politician from either Party, Democratic or Republican, has yet to offered their public position on climate change and Global Warming much less a solution.

The Late Great Planet Earth… Before we say “told you so”, while there is time. The trouble remains at the bed of the sea floor where they’re areas that exist within current deep ridge magma flows, now extinct but demonstrate an important dynamics tho not yet clearly understood. Still these areas remain in the prehistoric fossil record as a testament to the havoc wreaked by the last meltdown. Much of the mayhem which was triggered (at least according to our best dating methods) to an area of volcanic activity in Siberian Traps about the size of the Unites States, which filled the atmosphere with carbon gases… In a similar manner man has accomplished the same thing in a different manner. Tho clearly a very complicated dynamic its certainly connected to earthquakes, and plate tectonics, which is followed closely by volcanic activity such as which is occurring as this is written in Northern Indonesian as a volcano spews smoke, heat clouds following the 7.5 undersea earthquake in Jakarta.


Now we have active plate records in regions of the ocean that are in the same area separated only by a few miles. This plate action seems to induce its own heat so that it causes warm areas of the ocean to form warm “heat spots’ which many of us know as the unfamiliar El Nino. This heat induction from the sea bed into the ocean floor maybe the culprit created by the earth’s natural rotation but still within the plausible control of a “space sea wall”.

What We Can Learn From The Biggest Extinction In The History Of Earth
by Science Daily‘s Staff —

In 1991, scientists reported that the largest known volcanic event in the past 600 million years occurred at the same time as the end-Permian extinction. Magma extruded through coal-rich regions of the Earth’s crust and blanketed a region the size of the continental United States with basalt to a depth of up to 6 kilometers. The eruptions that formed the Siberian Traps not only threw ash, debris and toxic gases into the atmosphere but also may have heated the coal and released vast quantities of carbon dioxide and methane into the atmosphere.

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