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Uri Geller loses Elvis’ Home

June 19, 2008

Court’s Verdict Rendered Under the Cusp of Summer Solstice and Full Sag. Moon

As reported from the AP

Celebrity psychic Uri Geller and two business partners lost a lawsuit Tuesday (June 17th) against the former owners of the Memphis house Elvis Presley lived in before his Graceland mansion. Geller and his partners said they had won an eBay bid on the house in 2006, but then the owners turned and sold it to someone else, violating contract. The federal judge sided with the owners, saying the eBay bidding had really just been an advertisement for the sale, and the owners were legitimate in canceling the sale when Geller’s team made it unacceptable by altering the terms.

As reported earlier by the Psychic News Network along with the BBC News

This cumulates on the day of the 500 hundred year floods (which seem to be rising at a rate of one new bench mark every 5 minutes or so it seems but at the same time the Southwest swelters like an Easy Bake Oven (120 degrees) while one cannot buy a rain drop in the Southeast)… After the devastating cyclones in Burma, a rash of huge earthquakes in China, and renewed Volcanic activity from Patagonia to ancient fault lines that runs directly into the Galapagos’ formation … Even Sicily’s Mount Etna is putting on a show. The conclusion was first reported earlier by the Psychic News Network’s Lucky7Star and just recently confirmed by University of Texas at El Paso Seismologist Leads Study With Far-Reaching Implications

In the end perhaps its better just to read about those things that we can get our mind wrapped around… With wild winds, monster floods, and the fury that is only dealt by blows from Mother Nature makes a little Elvis over the EVP seems a bit old fashioned so as to seems almost quaint.

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  1. August 26, 2008 12:24 pm

    Can you imagine the show Uri would put on at the Presley place? It might even compete with the Elvis manor.

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