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Climate Change at the G8 Club as Predictions Go odds are better that the Arctic Sea Ice will vanish before Summit reaches Success

July 6, 2008

Looks like things are going according to plan… No deal is expected at the G8 unless they get an unexpected earthquake… As Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Canada meet at the Group of Eight summit in Tokyo, on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. Which happen tomorrow on the 7th. You do have the numbers working together… But now that Bozo, Jesse Helms (always read his mail and Bono’s buddy), and Madame Marie (the famous Bruce Springsteen Rock Psychic) passed patriotically on or about the 4th it does show that there is a certain Symmetry at work in the universe that might seep somehow into the summit. Plans as they stand seem to have the ice gone and a drill down to all that lovely oil before Bush leaves office and 50 years ahead of the most gloomy scientific prediction.  By that measure Bush is a huge success. Though life on this planet may end more abruptly than expected, there will be plenty of oil.

Clearly there is no serious energy policy in place, which if formulated would have averted much of the international criticism as well as the publics pain.  Simply having someone at the wheel gives people confidence as well as provide the shakers and movers courage to make the difficult decisions that must be made with, by, or will certainly be forced upon us by circumstances beyond our control. You do not gain control over the state of affairs by firing your top scientists and meteorologist… Killing the messengers , or sending out spin doctors armed with pseudo facts aimed at obfuscation and neither does just plain deliberate outright lies change the facts that we live upon a Planet in Peril”.

A working title “Happy 4th Americans Sacrifice their Freedom for Iraq” (or more succinct “How Americans Lost America but Won Iraq”) looking now how swimmingly things are going… Since we’ve defeated Al-Qaida in Iraq.

Richard Lowery writes “Al-Qaida is finding itself mired in its own Vietnam”… Actually I doubt its was ever about going after Al-Qaida as much as it was going after the oil (ya think?).   Cal Thomas in his column “Don’t expect big media to trumpet our progress in Iraq” he reels against “BIG MEDIA” Sorry Cal you only work for what?; Only the second largest paper in the country. Still the defeat of Al-Qaida and capture of Bin Laden remains the stated objective but, ya wonder If one worked for the CIA for more than 20 minutes don’t ya think they would be about able to determine where your second grade school teachers cat was buried… In Bin Laden case he worked for them for over 20 years and to top it off within a few moments of the 9/11 bombing (and before any suspects names were even released by the Government), the entire Bin Laden family was located by the FBI and provided with first class tickets and promptly whisked out of the USA… The ONLY flight allowed in the territorial US skies. Ya think if the KGB had been in charge that they would have made such a stupid mistake? Then later we discover this entire march to war was concocted by Rummy’s own special “Yellow Cake” recipe cooked up in some hidden basement office over at the Pentagon… The CIA ate it up… Give me a break!

In the Meantime we are spending 2 million dollars to produce a cruise missiles in order to destroy a $10.00 mud hut (courtesy of the American tax payer)…. Which said same over worked under paid sad Joe Blow Taxpayer is forced to give up a good portion of their paycheck to fill their tanks with ridiculously overpriced gas and pay property and income, sales, and ect. taxes from meager wages to finance a preposterous war so CEO’s at such corporation ATT, Exxon Mobil and Halliburton Oilfield Technologies and Services, rake in outrageously ludicrous salaries.  While the residuals of We the people (Best Congress Money Can buy) stand idly by while the Constitution of this nation is raped and shredded to bits.  Nice work.

Talk about your Unconstitutional Spending… It don’t take a psychic to see that this is simply a disgrace to the buzzards.  Happy 4th… See now why it took a couple of days to spit this out.  Nasty taste.

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