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Friends to the End (The T.Boone Picken’s Plan)

July 26, 2008

Last blog the point was made that the G8 leaders could not and would not come to an agreement on climate change unless some kind of natural disaster such as an earthquake or something would rock them out of their complicacy.  Guess what, no kidding, an earthquake struck Northern Japan a couple of days ago.  6.8… Too bad it missed the G8 meeting by a few days.  Still one has to conclude that although they may have felt the tremors they’re determination not to do anything of consequence even if an earthquake bit them right on their assets.  They are determined to deny everything to the end of our civilization because they have no plan (except to drill a few more holes soon as the ice is clear).

On the other hand, perhaps some have seen the T. Boone Pickens plan..  Some may not like this because it still maintains a carbon component… But it is a step in the right direction.  Beyond this our greatest resource is within each and everyone of us… The greatest resource in the United States is found in “us”.  Our friendships and our family and faith in each other and the Almighty.  We must work together to the bitter end to solve this problem.  We must gather up all the love we can muster and put our whole hearts into its fulfilment.  The American Dream is still possible.  Some people have a problem with all this because it seems too nice or sweet but maybe we should look to the animals and see how they understand love.

Land beside a lion… Friends to the end, have no fear. Beautiful duet Brad and Dolly.

The main reason that some form of plan must be adopted NOW is simply a choice between war and peace. The stark reality of the collapse of the home mortgage industry, combined with the collapse of the currency with the nearly doubling of the price of petroleum products with the accompanying of shift of the balance of power in critically important regions of the world simply renders the Picken’s Plan as a no brainier. We can either accept the challenges of this course of action or accept the consequence of our inactions which will be grimly realized much sooner than most might expect… Simply put we move full speed ahead into the energy plan solution or be hurdle headlong into a grim escalation of a war that no one in their right mind needs or desires. We might have as little as six weeks (or less)… Time grows short.

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