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Net Neutrality or The Next Shoe to Drop

August 8, 2008

Mitch Radcliff over at ZDNet is all about Net Neutrality :

Cerf’s call for simple pricing: Net Neutrality all over again by ZDNet‘s Mitch Ratcliffe — Vint Cerf, one of the co-inventors of the underlying technology that makes the Web work, now Google’s Internet evangelist, has issued a call for throughput-based pricing by ISPs. This in response to the Comcast ruling by the FCC, which ordered the cable carrier to stop interfering with certain kinds of traffic, including P2P application data. […]

Well its good to be about some kind of Neutrality at the moment… from the Net perspective one take is simply that with Net Neutrality, as most are already aware, that you do not always get what you pay for but sometimes you get more than you might ever imagine…

Some really, really, really do love Net Neutrality.

One dame that really supports Net Neutrality mind body and soul!

One dame that really supports Net Neutrality mind body and soul!

Well if we are to believe the pledge from the Belgian actress-model-activist, (Tania Derveaux), what a gal! Whom has offered her beautiful bod up for consideration for any Virginian (The Great Common Wealth State) Virginia is, after all, for lovers who offers her their support for Net neutrality. Move, get in line, and pick a number quick. Belgian waffles are great but from the policy perspective this sweet treat is too appealing to pass up. Besides Although I’ve signed up with ATT for six megs I’ve never clocked over two so there is some sort of poetic justice in Ms Derveaux offer. And in the light of some of the recent commercials I would like to take this opportunity to, in addition to supporting Net Neutrality platform, we should all move to Virginia and form the Paris Hilton for President steering committee because she does have the look of a gal who can get the job done.

The aliment of numerical signs 08/08/08 and under the cover of the International games it was excellent timing… if ever there is for that sort of thing…But in the course of the most extreme… Love and war, all of course is fair. The unexpected is always the most frequent flier. One thing for sure this attack appears to have all the earmarks of a well timed and well executed invasion.

Ok Tania was talking about virgins and not Virginians… Really from Carolina but always like the very first time so maybe kindly reconsider. Whew, well at least when they were talking Russia attacking Georgia they were not talking about Macon! Maybe should expect the next shoe to drop shorty but with the US economy in such a shambles, and not really wanting to appear to actually influence the American elections. One might hope that they keep their powder dry a bit longer… Besides Israel will have to elect a new Prime minister (Benjamin Netanyahu no doubt)… Plus purchase a more few more tankers to give them a second strike or a third, no doubt once is never enough. As long as they’re not dropping bombs on downtown Macon right. Net Neutrality ya got to love it!

Not to worry, according to a recent report from the NYT Belgian authority have the situation well in hand:

Russia and Georgia Clash Over Separatist Region But one phrase calling on all parties to “renounce the use of force” met with opposition, particularly from the United States, France and Britain. The three countries argued that the statement was unbalanced, one European diplomat said, because that language would have undermined Georgia’s ability to defend itself. Belgium, which holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council this month, circulated a revised draft calling for an immediate cessation of hostility and for “all parties” to return to the negotiating table. By dropping the specific reference to Georgia and South Ossetia, the compromise statement would also encompass Russia.

Thanks again Belgium’s Ms.Taina Derveaux for helping to preserve love,peace, and Net Neutrality for the world and the generations yet unborn.

The Beatles – Blackbird

Georgia Calls for Ceasefire

The Georgian-Russian War also Council on Foreign Relations

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