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Picken’s Plan a Way Out of The Valley of Death

October 15, 2008

Here Today we are upon the heels of one of the Markets worst times in recent history as well as one of its greatest recovery.  Part of the plan is working and move the market we did. .. Still there is much to do if we are to avoid a recession.  The recent drop in oil prices provides a little breathing room… But it will go back up but this time we must be ready.  It is my feeling that tho the subprime maybe an underlining cause, it is not THE cause.  All that as bad as it may be did not inflict actual physical pain upon the psyche… The pain at the pump as I’m sure most will agree was like really… Ouch!  Now I’m sure that will not be soon forgotten but just remember it could have been a lot worse and will be next time if we do not do something NOW!

Now is a time for action and as our window of opportunity is fractional.  We need to consolidate upon a plan because this thing is not over yet.  I do not want to having advised magnificent charge into a muck.  There is a reason to choose the correct plan and mix of industry that will move us in the right direction.  Also we need to understand who NOT to listen to and who are largely responsible of getting us into this problem to begin with.  If you go to the root of the problem it can be laied largely at the feet of the “Standard and Poors” rating system.  They are the ones who initially gave these subprime mortgage bonds a AAA rating.  They lied then and then they come back after the crash and try and kill off the survivors… Who the hell are these guys and why are they not locked up or hanging from the nearest tree is what some would like to know.  Now they’ve labeled the American auto and Ford inparticular.  Anything these guys say is just a crock, perhaps they’re working for Osama bin Laden (or maybe just daddy bin Laden).

Because they low rated Ford, I think its a great buying opportunity, and beyond their continued questionable advise and ridiculous rating services a clear reason is, believe it or not, Ford may provide an important solution to the the energy situation.  Perhaps youre thinking this guy is nuts!…  But if we are to fight our way out of a recession and have energy conservation we must find a solution that provides an answer to both.  I think the Pickens Plan is a no brainer and it work great with truck conversions because trucks have the heavy duty frame which is required for the heavy reinforced NCG tanks hence they’re lend themselves to simpler gas conversion.

This plan will work and our mid and heavy duty size truck fleet will lead the way to stimulate the economy and lead us out of a global recession… And will protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States of America.  It will help avoid some of the light weight problems with heavy duty energy solutions.  It will make sure that heavy construction continues, that our auto industry does not suffer and will allow us a way to sell a conversion market to the world in which we will find few who can find another vehicle that can compete.  It is the correct solution.  It is an American solution.

Just a note that its not a good idea to pick a single stock or idea on before formulating any financial plan, in fact its a good way to get your head served up to you on a plate. Today was, as expected, a very difficult day. Not for the faint of heart… Tomorrow is another day. You should remember to consult with your own personal professional financial adviser before launching upon a particular plan of action.

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