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60 minutes’ Captain Courageous vs The Sweetheart Deal of the Century

February 9, 2009

The Sweetheart Deal of the Century The Central Bank of Graft, Corruption, and Toxic Assets (Don’t we already have The Central Bank of The Federal Reserve???) Duplicity and duplication down to a fine art in that DC town.

Did that other shoe drop or what?!!! Went sailing through Cairo and London…. Headed towards that Washington town. Now, if we ARE TO BELIEVE CONGRESS, they’ve worked out a compromise deal for their 800 gazillion dollar spending bill (Was there ever any doubt?) Where big executives get their share across the cooperate board and the little guy, well we all know where they like to stick that one standing in line behind the door no doubt.

Just Jump please! It would save so much fuss and bother… Nothing to waste on a gun or bullet, and save the rope for pulling that mule stuck in the taxpayers ditch. Ok so there is that mess at the sudden stop at the end to clean up but nothing like a 40 billion dollars a year service fee on that debt for generations of Americans to enjoy.

Talk about your miracle on the Hudson! Made to order “Hero Story” in the midst of the most corrupt glimpse into Washington’s sponsored Banker holdup scheme in history… (Maybe we can still convince them to… “Jump! Please!! Jump!!!”)

Tail First of flight 1549

Tail First of flight 1549

Actually you do have the courageous Captain Sully… Saving his plane and passengers from certain death.

Top view flight 1549

Top view flight 1549

And with the engines now there can be no doubt of the bird strikes…

Side view flight 1549

Side view flight 1549

On the other hand you have the matter of executive compensation… “It’s been a big couple of weeks in the world of executive pay, as President Obama proposed $500,000 salary caps for banks taking part in TARP and the country jeered Wall Street bankers’ $18.4 billion in bonuses, its 6th-most ever, despite a disastrous year for their companies.” Only in America!

Talking about Miracles… I always liked Smokey.

The Grammy Awards tonight… Allison Krauss has such a lovely voice… My choice for Album of the year. Best of Lucky to her. Reminds me Paul McCartney; Swift; Wonder and Bo Diddley Tribute… Wow! On the show so a little Miracles from The Beatles might be nice a blast from the past too… Check this out (one of the rare video recording of the group actually working on another artist recording) Of course they did record 3 songs by Carl Perkins, 2 by Chuck Berry, 1 Carol King a Buddy Holly and even one by Burt Bacharach along with a few others. Note Billy Preston. also took part in this recording… How cool is that.

Congratulation to Captain C.B. Sully Sullenberger and crew for a safe landing and a cool head and a bit of clear thinking which saved the lives and passengers of flight 1549… Seems so rare as to be truly heroic in this day in time.

Front shot flight 1549 pulled from river

Front shot flight 1549 pulled from river

Beautiful Full moon in Leo night… Someone is dreaming of someone.

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