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The Psychic Network Look at Oscar and the Energy Future

February 23, 2009

Thank god! The Oscar are such a wonderful distraction… All predictions were spot on. ABC did a great job broadcasting as did the Academy with the over the top glitz and bling. At a time when the rest of the country is cutting back, this year’s Academy Awards were all about excess. At least we have something of a distraction, even if it is just the “Hollywood” brand… Kinda of like that DC town much of which is simply an illusion. But one just can’t figure how such extraordinary efforts by Sarah Brightman and Paris Hilton could go unnoticed (of course there is that nasty little Razzy 3 count but ya know they’re just jealous). As you my recall Paris was the choice nomination for President seeing as how she was mentioned so prominently by the “People’s choice” so to speak. I do not understand how the Academy could fail to recognize such a superlative performance (Actually its not Rocky Horror, Its better! (Worse IS better right? Hard to see how things can get worse than “Rocky” but not unlike the current economy:) … Alexhilton13 provides a nice clip

ABC News: Oscars Shower ‘Slumdog’ With Awards

The revamped extravaganza was a result of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ effort to boost ratings for the Oscar broadcast, which hit an all-time low last year.

So this year they have the 22nd and on the second month a nice 6 to work with… The 13th does get something of a bad rap (except of course Congress did pass the largest spending bill in history on that day (not that anyone might care to notice, perhaps best not). Still if the US can get its act together things could get a lot better, if we can get any kind of energy independence. In the face of falling gasoline prices there remains a steadfast vision to build a new green economy… For generations, Americans will look back at this moment.

13 Reasons You’re an Idiot | Wide Awake in Wonderland

That title is a little harsh. I’m not talking about you, per se, and I certainly didn’t mean any disrespect to all you friggin’ lame brain moronic phobics out there.

Oops. Sorry. That was a typo. I mean friggatriskaidekaphobics, or people with an irrational and ridiculous fear of Friday the 13th.

Actually the bill was signed by President Obama in Bolder a few days later on the 18th.

Meet the New Boss (Can’t Buy Me Love) Kowtow Time for Hillary and US « Doctor Buzzard

Really hilarious when you think about it… The home of the free and land of the brave brought her knees by a bunch of double dealing politicians, billionaire banker buddies and mortgage lenders. Whilst they make off with Madoff and company whom will never do a day of prison time, (this is NOT Martha Stewart)… Course still might end up in the East River. Nothing has really changed, if anything we’ve stepped up the war a couple of notches as we’ve increased the debt by another trillion gizillion (give or take a few hundred billion). Hillary with hat in hand sent straight packing begging to China… Money can’t buy you love (but it can rent it for a short time).

Still if the money is spent where its most needed then things can get a lot better. The Green portion of the Bill might just get things right. Only the United States can lead the world through the climate crisis… We are on a bit of a roller coaster and we are in the front car. If this thing does not work things could go bad quick. T.Boone Pickens is great American as is Al Gore and all the others who are behind this thing. We have a vision… We will harness the wind and the Sun and build a new America and a page in history that generations will note… The world is watching, God speed.

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