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The High Octane Playboy “Women Of Wall Street” Stimulus Plan Creates Heat Wave

April 24, 2009

Some of the numbers are to be released today may determine the direction of the market for the rest of the year. Some certainly will not be blamed if they take a little cream and bow out for the moment… The rest are eagerly adjusting their sets.

Not sure if the stress test is going to give us what we’re looking for but you can bet the farm that over at Playboy they’ve got the mixture of hot stocks, tho some might be a bit in the red at the moment, a little iced tea to cool down the melt down just might be in order…
The Playboy Stimulus Plan – Dealbreaker – A Wall Street Tabloid – Business News Headlines and Financial Gossip

Remember a million years ago (real time: back in October), when Playboy put the call out for “Women of Wall Street” to help tackle the financial crisis by taking their clothes off? The feature was supposed to run in the February issue, but that came and went with nary a peep of financial services T&A. We assumed it was ’cause no one in the field was willing to get naked, despite the fact that it was for the good of the economy. Apparently, not so much!

The thing is we all have our personal choices… Like Fortune 500 executive assistant Tara DeGregorio ( looks great in the red).

Tangeable Assets

Tangeable Assets

Overall if one is trading stock with a brokerage team nice to have one with a good track record and a smile you know you can trust.

s SCharlehwabc financial advisor Tinea Smith

Charles Schwab financial advisor Tinea Smith

Tell me sex does not sell! Contact Tinea direct and open an account Today!

Most of these are fresh off the May press sizzling busty beauty babes of Spring have thermometer popping and seemed to have stirred up a heat wave, at least here in South Carolina, where parts are experiencing some record heat for this time of year and have wildfires busting loose all over the place. At one of the top tourist attractions…
Wildfires Hit Myrtle Beach Area –

Wildfires swept through a coastal region of South Carolina on Thursday and threatened North Myrtle Beach, destroying about 70 homes and forcing more than 2,500 people to evacuate, state officials said.



Fire at Roebuck businesses

Brothers' building joins the summer

Brothers building joins the summer

Photo Credit: TIM KIMZEY /

Firefighters with Roebuck, Arkwright, Croft, and the City of Spartanburg work the scene of a business fire at German Motors on Strickland Drive in the Roebuck community Wednesday evening, 4-22-09.
Fire destroys commercial building in Roebuck | Spartanburg, South Carolina | | Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Godbout said he didn’t have insurance to cover the fire.

“I’m just thankful no one was hurt,” he said between talking with fire officials and answering his phone.

The building, at 100 Strickland Drive, housed Sports Car Specialty and EZ Auto & Truck Rentals and was destroyed. German Motors, which is immediately next to it, and three cars parked in front sustained superficial damage.

Godbout owns the two businesses, which specialize in foreign car sales, service and rental.

Firefighters were dispatched at 6:43 p.m., Roebuck Fire Chief Brian Harvey said. Callers reported flames going through the roof of the building. And as soon as the firefighters arrived, they saw it collapse in on itself, Harvey said.

“It’s unusual to have a fire this much involved when we arrive, that it totally collapses,” he said. “That tells us the building had been burning awhile before anybody saw it.”

About 40 firefighters from six departments responded. Most concentrated on keeping the fire from spreading to other buildings, Harvey said.

A few small explosions were caused by flammable materials inside the building, Harvey said. Godbout said he had been in the process of renovating the building that burned, which he said was his sales office.

On thing for sure this is shaping up to be one long hot summer!

Long Hot Summer

Long Hot Summer

Below, Georgia Anderson. The beautiful and successful broker at Global Futures.

Georgia Anderson

Georgia Anderson

The hemline indicator is off the scale… Rendering new meaning to a bare market condition… Playboy May 2009 Wow!

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  1. May 3, 2009 3:39 pm

    Some say this market is running out of steam… Flu scare, or some kind of hoax, whatever…

    Six-Week Rally Runs Out of Steam –


    Banks shares rose as the government pulled back the curtain on its stress-test methodology, lifting the broader market Friday, though blue chips were unable to stretch their recent winning streak to seven weeks.

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 119.23 points, or 1.5%, to 8076.29. Microsoft and American Express jumped by 11% and 21%, respectively, after posting better-than-expected results on Thursday. DuPont and Bank of America eached gained more than 3%.

    On the week, the Dow declined 0.7%, halting a six-week string of gains. But the benchmark closed at its highest level in a week, is up 6.1% this month and more than 23% above the 12-year closing low it hit on March 9.

    Though some of those fires may seem rather suspicious the markets are a long way up from where they were (35% since publication of Playboy’s “The Women of Wall Street”). My good friend Doctor Buzzard is still recovering from heat stroke generated by his most recent rocket ride on a monster move by a good little Penny “Triad Guaranty Inc” (ticker TGIC). But wishes to thank the “Women of Wall Street” for their generous contribution to a worthy of cause helping to salvage the American and Global economy. Legends are not made when the sunlight shines gently upon our shoulders. But rather in the depths of our dark nightmare when bloods runs cold in the streets… Special thanks to Georgia Anderson, Tina Smith, Tara DeGergorio and all the Women from Wall Street Playboy May 2009 Issue, let history record. (May Issue on sale Now!)


  1. Got to Love the Long Shot! « Doctor Buzzard

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