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SI Swimsuit Add Playboy’s America Shake

May 22, 2009

Its rather amazing that the Atlantis has just completed one of the most complicated and physically gruelling missions in the entire history of manned space flight and do not even get mentioned on the national broadcast of the CBS evening news with Katie and company. Back in the day with Walter Cronkite, the broadcast would have followed their every move. Its just another sign of the times as we enter upon the backslide of everyone”s 401K…

Suppose we have evolved from mission control into remote-controlled world of cyber thrills at the speed of light. With the release of the Sport’s Illustrated swimsuit edition and the fire-storm created first by the Women of Wall Street and now they’ve added some fresh fuel with the entry of the opera world Julliard’s mezzo-soprano America Olivo

Julliard's mezzo-soprano

Julliard's mezzo-soprano

Celebrity Mound » Archive » Playboy’s June cover girl is actress America Olivo – next up in Transformers 2 and Bitch Slap

She can do a job on a popsicle, but when it comes to acting, America [Olivo doesn’t suck. With four movies coming out in 2009, including the much hyped Bitch Slap, the sexy singer and actress was photographed for the cover of Playboy’s June issue by famed celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, and appears in a 6-page nude pictorial inside (issue on newsstands and online at Friday, May 15). The photos are Richardson’s first for the magazine.

Olivo, last seen in the recent Friday the 13th remake, stars as a drug-running, street-fighting lesbian in the upcoming movie Bitch Slap, which boasts the longest girl fight in cinema history. While filming, Olivo teases that she had to do “blatant lesbian scenes on a trapeze, in which I’m making out, kissing this girl between the legs and riding her so intensely I was more sore than a mofo.”

Before her Bitch Slap days, the 31-year-old earned her degree as a mezzo-soprano at Juilliard. “‘Every time I sang about love,’ she giggles, ‘my 97-year-old mentor would say, ‘You can’t really sing a song like this until you’ve lost your virginity, and I can tell you haven’t!’” Her solution? “I lost my virginity in Rome in a park with a view of the Vatican—literally.”

Water and fire is sure to produce a lot of steam!

SI’s 2009 Swimsuit Issue Drops Today at 850 & 620 THE BLOG

Sports Illustrated dropped their 2009 Swimsuit Issue today, putting the lovely Bar Rafaeli on the cover. Does it top last year’s Marisa Miller cover? Hmmm, time will tell.

Maxim, FHM and every other “I’m trying too hard to be hip young guy” magazine might have pushed the envelope in terms of making scantily clad women as erotic as possible without being relegated to a behind the counter publication, but SI is still the grand-daddy.

Personally the models in SI’s Swimsuit are simply stunning… Just a couple of lovely shots that Googled up.
(Just a quick Update as far as being wet) Since this piece was published it has rained every day across an entire area that was stricken by one of the most severe droughts in recent memory… The lakes in Georgia and upstate Carolina are starting to fill for the first time in ages, tho the temperatures have remained a bit on the cool side (perhaps because of the Operatic influence)… Furthermore this is a weather pattern that covers a large portion of the entire nation. There were even tornadoes in Denver and around Colorado . Instead of Global warming it should be called Global weird. Denver Weather Examiner: Weather forecast for Denver CO and vicinity, Saturday, May 23, 2009

As the afternoon arrives, those thunderstorms will likely start building again and the chance for showers increases. Areas of rain could be heavy at times and that may lead to some minor small stream and urban flooding. There is enough instability in the atmosphere that we could even see a landspout (short-lived, weak tornadoes), particularly east of the metro area.

Well at least some of those fire-storms appear under control… Time to grab your swimsuits and join the ducks!

Esti Ginsburg[Esti Ginsburg,]

Refaeli setting the Bar

Refaeli setting the Bar[Top by Mara Hoffman Swimsuit by Shay Todd]

With all this opera and classical studies combining together of sexy fashions kinda makes one wonder what they’re really teaching at Julliard… Indeed some of us may need to brush up on some refresher courses

SportsIllSwim_2.jpg (JPEG Image, 650×433 pixels)

Julie Henderson comes from a good family. Her grandfather Samuel Henderson invented the Henderson grapefruit in the 1960’s and built an empire in Texas . She has been modeling for the past 7 years and is an accomplished Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue favorite appearing in the issue 3 years in a row.

Its easy to see why Julie is a fav of the SI editors… Put her on as one of the top choices for the PNN too… Its really hard to choose a couple from the ton of lovelies offered up by the editors over at Sports Illustrated… Its a hard job, suppose someone has to do it. See for yourself the SI Swimsuit edition on sell now!

2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition –

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Of course if Playboy really was interested in doing a full opera spread, maybe check out some real beauties such as Allison Sanders or AmyG… You don’t have to be a psychic to see how these gals can get the show on the road hitting the real high notes. If Playboy was serious about selling magazines they would bring us the Met!

Playboy Magazine

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Esti Ginzburg

Picture of Esti Ginzburg at Listal

Jennifer Rivera looks like a close shave

This is how We wanna see Il Barbiere: Jennifer Rivvers Spices up Siviglia

This is how We wanna see Il Barbiere: Jennifer Rivvers Spices up Siviglia


The Women of Opera

The Women of Opera

Getting a ton of hits for America Olivo… One looks like from the Met! Okay here ya go the link for your site sweetie.
America Olivo Website Home

Order yours online at

Here is another beauty that almost got away… 22 year old RussianTennis star Maria Kirilenko.
Meanwhile, Maria was shot wearing this print bikini from adidas by Stella McCartney.

Maria Kirilenko Adidas Print by Stella McCartney

Maria Kirilenko Adidas Print by Stella McCartney

From Kirilenko’s site: “I have very good memories of the photo shooting for Sports Illustrated. I went to Dominican Republic with my mother. I was there for three days and I had a great time ! All days on the beach posing I can tell I was busy all the days but it was so nice ! A great team worked with me. The great photographer Walter Iooss, I think it is a greatest photographer I ever work with.”

Update Sports Illustrated”s Bar Refaeli

Bar Refaeli Cover Sports Illustrated

Bar Refaeli Cover Sports Illustrated

Orlando Sentinel – 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition unveiled by What the Blog

This undated image released by Sports Illustrated/Raphael Mazzucco, shows model Bar Refaeli on the cover of the Feb. 14, 2009 issue of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, on sale now.

Refaeli happens to be an on-again, off-again muse of Leonardo DiCaprio’s.

She’s a 23-year-old Israeli model whose been on the inside pages of the SI annual porn-light edition for the previous 2 years.

The cover was revealed on Monday night’s Late Show With David Letterman.

Because I know you all are wondering, the swimsuit is made by Missoni.

According to the AP, SI group editor Terry
McDonell McDonell, along with Swimsuit editor Diane Smith and SI creative director Steve Hoffman, sifted through 90,000 photos this year from 19 models featured in the magazine.

The shot at left happens to of Refaeli in the water on Canouan Island in the Grenadines.

SI’s swimsuit issue began in 1964, when February marked the low
point of the sports seasons. After putting safe-driving tips and dog shows on the cover, SI decided to put an attractive female on the cover and
call it a “skin-diving story,” Smith told the AP.

Kathy Ireland’s 1989 cover remains the best-selling cover.

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