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The Wacko Jacko World AIG Doubles Down on Stupid

July 8, 2009

Let’s just try speaking a little truth to power… Not in this for what they say or think, really could care less. But its just crazy, the world stops for MJ… In California they pull 3000 police officers to duty so they can do crowd control for 600 people (why didn’t they just deputize the crowd??? Would have saved themselves a ton of money). In the meantime, of MJ’s 500 million half goes to pay off debts, and the rest is split between his mother, kids, and charity… While in court Hank Greenburg former CEO over at AIG walks away with a cool 4.5 billion… (that 4,500 million or about 8 times the ENTIRE Michael Jackson estate ) Sooooo lets just all double down on stupid…. Cause that’s just the way we roll now days. I’m sure now we are not about the money but having Smoky Robertson and Mariah Carey on the same stage live, its not going to hurt your rating card and besides you have the media trumping its own horn… Brooke Shields and the Queen Latifah giving their own emotional send off.
Michael Jackson’s Memorial: Hollywood’s A-List Celebs Brooke Shields, Jennifer Hudson, John Mayer, Al Sharpton – ABC News

At his public memorial service today in Los Angeles, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson finally got his wish: to be treated like royalty.
Pop star sings the Jackson 5’s 1970s hit.

Celebrities from around the world descended on Los Angeles’ Staples Center to pay tribute to Jackson. Kobe Bryant, Wesley Snipes, Spike Lee and Smokey Robinson were among the first stars to arrive. Robinson started off the ceremony by reading condolences from friends including former South African president Nelson Mandela, Kobe Bryant, Wesley Snipes, Spike Lee and Smokey Robinson and soul legend Diana Ross.

Seriously if the people in control over at AIG wanted to save the company, it might make sense to put the man who built the company (Hank Greenburg) back at the helm (Worked with Steve Jobs Apple doing better than ever)… Instead they had rather sue Hank and gives themselves another hundred million dollars in bonuses, (talk about your rocket scientist)… So let’s see what these geniuses have done (besides buying off congress and sticking to Joe taxpayer) Maybe losing a multi-billion lawsuit and trying to sue their former founder or maybe just driving the company a hundred billion dollars into debt, or perhaps the idea of selling some of the most prime prized real estate in the world at near or at record low levels (Wonder how these guys do it!) … Wow we really need to hang on to talent like that. But seriously they are not in it to save the company, why? Of course they are too big to fail… Only people who gets screwed in this deal is the American TAXPAYER. So why not give them those big bonus checks… Let’s all just double down on stupid, makes perfect sense in this Wacko Jacko world in which everything is upside down and backwards so it must be right. Michael was not really nuts just the perfect reflection of “We are the World” weird as ever.

Still there is no accounting for any of how these billions of dollars in monies are spent. There is an extremely difficult effort in the works to make some of this information available to the general public at large on how public officials soak the public coffers.

Sunshine for Senate | | Spartanburg Herald-Journal | Spartanburg SC

If you want to see how our congressional representatives and senators are handling their budgets for staff salaries, travel and office expenses, you can. It’s public knowledge. All you have to do is travel to Washington, D.C., go to a Capitol office building and peruse one of the printed volumes of expenses, or order one of the tomes for yourself.

The information is public, it’s just not accessible, and for most of us that means it’s not truly available at all.

That’s wrong and, hopefully, changing.

Last month, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the House’s chief administrative officer to post House members’ expense reports online as soon as possible. The information is currently expected to be released on the Internet no later than Aug. 31.

Now, the Senate is also planning to begin posting the information online. The change is being pushed by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., who said taxpayers should be able to see how lawmakers allocate their budgets, and hold their feet to the fire when appropriate.

Still this is just a small step in addition to what is truly needed is an overhaul of the entire mess… The Psychic News cam across this letter from, perhaps, one of the most important congressional districts in the country. Florida’s 18th Congressional District is not only important because of its wealth but its poised upon the critical issues of our time, climate change, our national parks (our national treasures) and the health care future of the large immigration population areas of our nation … When Rep.Ileana Ros-Lehtinen writes a letter you better believe I listen and think you should too

With Power Comes Responsibility, Why We Must Audit the Fed

Dear Friends:

I have joined a majority of the House, 245 of 435 members in co-sponsoring the Federal Reserve Transparency Act. It directs the independent Comptroller General to complete, before the end of 2010, an audit of the Federal Reserve System and of the federal reserve banks, followed by a detailed report to Congress.

Over the last year, the Federal Reserve has taken on the major role in dealing with our nation’s unusual and overwhelming financial squeeze. For the first time in over 50 years, the Federal Reserve expanded its lending to non-bank financial firms. As a result of the Fed’s new lending its balance sheet increased significantly, from $874 billion on August 1, 2007, a date shortly before the financial system first experienced turmoil, to $2.312 billion at its peak on December 17, 2008, an increase of 165%.

Among this new lending was the Fed’s $29 billion loan to have JP Morgan buy the assets of Bear Stearns, a $120 billion bailout of the American Insurance Group, a guarantee of $306 billion in assets of Citigroup, and a similar guarantee on $118 billion in Bank of America assets. In all of these agreements, the Fed and the American taxpayer has been exposed to a greatly increased financial risk if the assets purchased or guaranteed fall in value.

This incredible $1.5 trillion increase in lending by the Federal Reserve is backed by you the American taxpayer. This huge amount of spending gives the Fed, an unelected appointed institution, a tremendous amount of power to influence your family, job and financial security far beyond what most had ever thought possible. With this power must come more responsibility, accountability and transparency by the Fed to you and the other taxpayers.

If the Fed is going to print over one trillion dollars that the US taxpayer can’t afford, I think we have a right to know exactly who they are giving this money to and how much. It’s time for the Fed to open up its books to an independent audit conducted by Congress’s budget watchdog, the Comptroller General.


Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Member of Congress

Amen Give them hell Ileana or at least let them know what to expect when they get there! Still what lies ahead is not easy… We have a long road to recovery but we can make it if we try. Came across this clip the other day, it captures something of the human spirit that is incredibly powerful…

Lance Armstrong

In a bit of a side note in memory of a local hero

Lymphoma claims giant in Spartanburg cycling | | Spartanburg Herald-Journal | Spartanburg SC

Lymphoma claims giant in Spartanburg cycling
Founder of Assault on Mt. Mitchell stayed humble, helped others reach goals
John Bryan brought thousands of people to Spartanburg by organizing and promoting the Assault on Mt. Mitchell.

By Dudley Brown

The patriarch of Spartanburg’s cycling community has died.
More Photos:

* Bike pioneer John Bryan

John Bryan, founder of the annual Assault on Mt. Mitchell, died Saturday after a seven year bout with lymphoma. He was 74.

“He was a gentle man and cared about all cyclists and all aspects of cycling,” said Marly Divver, a cyclist and friend of Bryan’s family.

Thousands of people have come to Spartanburg over the past 30 years to ride what cycling magazines consider one of the 10 toughest rides in the United States. People from the Philippines, Great Britain and locations around the globe have ridden 102 miles en route to, at 6,684 feet, the highest peak east of the Mississippi River.

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