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A Tale of Two Theme Parks

November 13, 2009

Over Universal

Halloween at Universal

Is a weekend of horror worth a trip to Universal Studio “Fright Night(s)!”… If you have your flight booked well in advance, money to burn, and the stamina to stand in line in sweltering mid summer heat suffered in mid October in Central Florida. Is it worth standing in line almost two hours to grab a10 minute glimpse of Chucky , ax in hand, as he lays in wait to leap a heap of horror on some unsuspecting child or woman stricken by paralyzing terror…
Chucky Treat

The Chucky Halloween Horror at Universtal Studio

Maybe depending on ones streak of sadistic twist The grand entrance, into a psychedelic vortex that sets into motion the pandemonium of ones psychic vertigo… really a nice touch but less the extortion of the excessive price of the general admission of the ticket plus the the hours in line suffering with the huddled masses for 5 minutes of Chucky… Perhaps not the best choice for a football Saturday night.

Clemson Tailgate

Fall football in Death Valley

Fine dining sure thing! Perhaps some Pizza…Sure they had it on hand at the “Muster Cafe”… But the real horror might be getting the tab for a few slices of breaded tomato sauce and chicken wings would have been better spent at Tony Romo’s Steakhouse with a couple of friends… Or save by booking flight and renting a convertible for a lovely drive from Asheville down to Tryon’s famous “Side Street Pizza”… You can thank me later and save a bundle of booty to boot.

BTW However should you still feel the need for canned horror Universal style you”ll need to brush up on your Spanish as from the parking garage to the top of the ticket gate and everyone in line and in between spoke the Latino lingo…. Okay I know its Hispanic month but this is just crazy! Everyone was speaking Spanish… Really if they tried to deport the illegal immigrant population half of Florida would vanish over night.

Not saying that Fright Nights over at the Universal Studios is not something of a once in a lifetime experience, but never did it occur that one might be transported into a foreign country altogether. Still the 30 minute wait (unless you purchase their limited number of express tickets (39.00) (actually it ended up being 60 so if your time is limited or your night does not included an additional 50 hours for line time then its not a bad deal) but not nearly the ordeal offered up by Chuck. The walk around the Park was truly amazing and fun… Lovely stroll.

Halloween Stroll thru Universal

Chainsaw Charlie

That is If you enjoy watching people getting scared out of their wits The “War of the Living Dead” is the place to hang out or maybe “lights Camera action!” is sure to provide some great shots, shouts and screams.

Still there is the other theme in the parks and mountains that nature provides. Now really tore between that theme which nature provides in the mountain beauty… Autumn dressed in a blaze of fire and colour, The trees and cool breeze the scent of a woman’s Chanel No.5 upon the smoking leaves amber in the fresh mountain air.

Top Old Piney

Nothing to compare Fall from the Top of Piney

The perfect way to enjoy a beautiful fall day is a front row seat in convertible of your choice. (municipals and convertible bonds nice but not included in this mix). Add a little music throw in a tailgate a from a college football game… Add a few candles, choose from a little Italian menu (or maybe just select the finest pizza on this part of the planet and you’ve got the perfect romantic interlude. No ride is more thrilling or thoughts more horrific than in missing a moment of a majestic Carolina magic mountain spellbinder… Disney eat your heart out!

Looking out from Piney over to Melrose Mt

Looking out from Piney over to Melrose Mt

The Garden entrance to the “Top of Piney” Gardens.

Entrance to the "Top of Piney" Gardens

Fall in Tryon

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