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Ominous Signs Twitter Towards Global Weird

March 6, 2010

Looking over the blogsphere there have been quakes of late besides those that emanate from the earth. With first Google trying to oppose Chinese censorship and then back stepping after it became apparent that they were going to loose a bundle to people being jailed in this country for blogging over Home Security invoking the Patriot Act… To just plain jerking down of sites in this country and around the world, most notably Italy (under some trumped up copyright guise), The web seems full of holes. Now we have new laws pending in Washington over broadband regulations.

Not convinced that this is all due to Global Weirdness but its as strange as at least the El Nino and almost as odd as the number of earthquakes we seems to have been plagued with as of late. In the moment and whole of it all does appears as a somewhat systematic assault on the proponents of civil freedoms. Whether lead by China or simply orchestrated by the multi-national corporate structure, which in either case, cannot be good for the individual citizens of this nation or the world. Its appears we are witness to the fragmentation of the world wide web which once considered impervious to a nuclear attack but apparently not to the forces of political expediency. Rush Linbugh 400 million dollar contract for one year…
“The Drudge Report is reporting that the contract will pay him in excess of a whopping $400 million!

Earnings now pace him ahead of the annual salaries for network news anchors: Katie Couric, Brian Williams, Charlie Gibson and Diane Sawyer – combined!

How this will effect the stock of Clear Channel (NYSE: CCU) who, along with Premier radio syndicate Limbaugh’s show, is anyone’s guess. My hunch, though, is that it will do just fine. Clearly, for Clear Channel Rush is a money making machine. His popularity continues to surge, so it seems that while they are spending a whole lot of money, they will more than make it up in revenue that the show produces.”

Almost as outrageous as the 100 million dollar bonuses paid out to those most directly connected to the collapse of our economic system. Indeed there is a method to their madness and the morons have made a marvelous mess in their malicious mischief focused towards our nations Constitution… Course they have all the money so who are the morons now?

As P. T Barnum, or some other snake oil salesman, once said… You can never underestimate the intelligence of the American population…

There is no policy of energy independence from those nations that do truly wish us harm and, at the same time, there is no determined leadership to remove this nation from this insane path of destruction… The key factor in Hitler’s success was economic failure of capitalism that lead directly to the Great Depression. But here is an interesting perspective by Ms. Naomi Wolf. You may also notice that its from a Russian media source carried on YouTube… Never thought Americans would live to see the day when they had to go to foreign sources (FROM RUSSIA FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!) in order to get the truth. But its clear to see that they have all sold out (the once venerable American press) or waiting their turn in line.

Ok could not let this slide by

Could not have said it any better myself.

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