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The Grove Park Inn President Obama’s Mystic Romantic Carolina Retreat

April 25, 2010

Its a bit difficult to comprehend, even for some of the local area residents, the measure of this bejeweled priceless treasure of the Western Carolina Mountains.

Main Lodge

Grove Park Inn Spring

Some find its combination of mountain beauty back drop, layered upon the 5 star dining, along with one of the top spas on the planet beyond compare. The restorative powers of simple romance defy description. If ever there was a place designed for lovers…

Grove Park Inn Romance

Sunday Morning Brunch

Yes you might choose to leave the kids at home for this one. Allow them the pleasure of their own discovery one day when they’ve found that special someone and allowed them to claim their love as their own as it creates memories that will last forever.

The Blue Ridge Dining Room

Reflections from the Blue Ridge Room

It is the magic of Romance that rides upon the cool mountain breeze that warms the heart and restores the garden soul.

Borders of Terraced Gardens

Spring time Garden

A few pictures of a Western Carolina Magical Mystery Tour… No pictures were taken inside the dining room or inside the spa so as not to, in a theatrical manner, give away the ending of that experience that you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

Grove Park Inn Water Fall

Looking up from the Spa at the Water Fall at the Grove Park Inn

Terraced Gardens Grove Park Inn

Spectacular Terraced Garden Walk

The Grove Park Inn Spa

The Grove Park Inn Spa listed among the top 7

Have a wonderful stay Mr. President Obama and First Lady Michelle… You all come on back soon… In the Autumn when the mountain is on fire is exceptionally exquisite.

Grove Park Jewel

Beautiful Places Smiling Faces

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