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President Obama Visits The Biltmore Estate

April 26, 2010

The Washington Post reports on President Obama visit to the world famous Biltmore and then publishes the story with a picture of the Grove Park Inn. Just would like to make a little correction for the record… As it is an understandable mistake since we are certainly twice blessed.
Obamas take a tour of famous Biltmore estate

ASHEVILLE, N.C. — President Barack Obama and his friends are touring a famous estate during their Blue Ridge getaway.

The president and first lady Michelle Obama visited the Vanderbilt’s Biltmore Estate briefly Saturday evening. The first family stopped by the massive estate on their way to dinner with friends. The Obamas are spending the weekend in western North Carolina. Obama played golf before rain rolled into the Blue Ridge Mountains. Mrs. Obama played tennis.

Now for just a bit of clarification… Here is a snapshot from over 900 yards to give you some idea of the splendor of this American Palace.

Biltmore viewed from highest hill

Biltmore The American Palace

It’s understandable because both the Grove Park Inn and The Biltmore Estate are Palatial on a grand scale that are the rival to the finest palaces of Europe and second to none. From the sound of it President had to rush through his trip because other duties. Actually though the Grove Park Inn may have more bathrooms, but the extensive Biltmore Estate with its combination of French Architecture landscaped and English gardens with both a commercial diary/winery and the adjacent Pisgah National Forest…

Biltmore Estate

Biltmore Estate's Rolling Hills Viewed best from horseback

The Biltmore Estate demands time to cover the 8,000 acres best viewed from horseback.

Front Portico

Looking up at the Biltmore Front Portico

In fact just walking up to the front door and looking up is quite the experience. On the morning news they were talking about jumping off the top of one of the Las Vegas skyscrapers. I must say the walk up to the top of this turn of the century jewel from the Gilded Age leaves one quite breathless.

Biltmore Pool

Biltmore Reflection Pool Side

Now we still have not even entered into the Biltmore Estate’s Arboretum (Not to be confused with the North Carolina Arboretum also located in Asheville NC).

Biltmore Arborretum

Enter The Biltmore Arborretum

The Biltmore Arboretum

Music for the flowers

Cello for the flowers

Happy flowers

You can tell the music makes for a happy garden

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