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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

June 6, 2010

Looking over the series of events of the past year and last few months if one were to say, after 9/11, that things could get a lot worse, one would be hard pressed to point out how that could possibly happen… Yet aside from the bloody deaths and morbid body count, now we see. The loss in magnitude of the marine life while tragic beyond the pale is matched in some respects by the irreparable bereavement of the most beautiful pristine beach front property in North America cast in the shadow of catastrophic destruction. Already our once envy of the world magnificent economic engine confronts a cloudy and gray dismal future as it limps along on borrowed time producing jobs at an anemic stimulus census pace. All these events from the volcanic earthquakes to the man made economic collapse as well as perhaps the worst environmental disaster in the history of civilization happened in but a mere blink of an eye.

Polar meltdown

The loss of The Polar Ice sets in motion a series of unintended consequences

What are we to do but cast blame and point fingers. What could we have done… Hard to say but from the perspective of time, seeing the consequences unfold in a myriad bits of a million nightmares, it might have been better to take our chances with the radiation released from a small nuclear blast that would have certainly sealed the gush of untold black death into our seas and upon our shores. Of course there would have been the consequence of a small amount of radiation but from a small device under a mountain and mile of ocean, no more than once might expect from living next door to a nuclear generator with its deadly radioactive core covered in but a few feet of water, concrete and steel.

The economic failure was certainly a product of our own making and made worse, in many ways, by decisions made by our congress in darkness and in fear. It is now only in conservative conjecture that Adam Smith’s “Invisible Hand” can hypothetically play itself out… Where upon those whom were responsible for their bad decisions should reasonably be held accountable for their consequences. In another day in time when Tom Foolery stole a horse the local law didn’t hang Farmer Jones… Wow how things have changed.

Sunset at the North Pole with the moon at its closest point.

As far as the violent volcanic temper of mother nature spews mountains of angry ash into the stratosphere of planetary tremors of clashing tectonic terror shifts the earth from benith our feet… One is but left in sublime stunned wonder as the mighty ice sheet of the northern tundra slips into oblivion benith the arctic ocean’s cold watery grave. Who is to blame? What could we have done? As it is we who remain with those yet unnamed, unborn, and unforgiven stripped bare-naked from almighty grace that are left to stand between the devil and the deep blue sea.

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