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Welcome to the New World Order

August 25, 2010

With the withdrawal of the last fighting battalion from Iraq and finally the oil plugged safely in the Gulf of Mexico now might be a good time to check our baggage and try to assess WTF happened. Is it that we’re witness to the ends of time or so it may seem. While all this was in the spotlight (somewhat reminiscent of 911)… Our congress passed a new law – officially known as the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. From what President Obama has touted as the most significant financial reform since the great depression we get.

Matt Taibbi writes in the latest edition of Rolling Stone Magazine

All of this is great, but taken together, these reforms fail to address even a tenth of the real problem. Worse: They fail to even define what the real problem is. Over a long year of feverish lobbying and brutally intense back-room negotiations, a group of D.C. insiders fought over a single question: Just how much of the truth about the financial crisis should we share with the public? Do we admit that control over the economy in the past dec­ade was ceded to a small group of rapacious criminals who to this day are engaged in a mind-­numbing campaign of theft on a global scale? Or do we pretend that, minus a few bumps in the road that have mostly been smoothed out, the clean-hands capitalism of Adam Smith still rules the day in America? In other words, do people need to know the real version, in all its majestic whorebotchery, or can we get away with some bullshit cover story?

The real problem it seems to be jobs or rather the lack there of. But when you see President Obama touting the Dodd-Frank reform bill as the greatest piece of legislative reform since the great depression… Its like who zooming who? With the two major pieces of reforms (The Volcker and the Lincoln reforms) safely gutted from the bill the dinner table is set for the hogs to feast again from the taxpayers pockets… Its a shame and disgrace to the buzzards. Its in that spirit that we at PNN have decided to affiliate ourselves with a new political party… Who’s first order of business will be to seek an indictment on those responsible for getting us into this mess. Secondly its not important that everyone who lives in this country speak English just the people working in your customer service departments. Wonder if people working in AT&T Bannanstain ever buy an American phone much less pay an American phone bill? That’s why we should tell AT&T if they expect people in this country to pay their phone bill they should support the American people and our constitution (also take off that “For English press 1” crapola!). If they don’t speak English allow them to figure it out on their own. That goes for the Newspapers like the Chicago Tribune that shop their entire graphics department over to someplace in Bannanastain… Wonder how many of those over in bowels of the third world actually subscribe to the Tribune… Not many is a good bet. Actually the only people we should be supporting are those people who support American Jobs! Here is a link and maybe a good place to start.

The Americans for Job Security Check it out.

BTW Just so that everyone is clear on this one point… Just because we have just experienced the warmest summer since modern science invented the thermometer and been keeping historical records on this sort of thing please do not rush to judgment as it is on the utmost authority that… THIS IS NOT EVIDENCE OF GLOBAL WARMING!

Climate ‘CSI’ Team Takes on Russian Heat

The team concluded that western Russia’s blast-furnace conditions were created by a combination of a drought followed by an extreme instance of blocking, a garden-variety atmospheric condition that causes long strings of cloudless, windless days. The scientists found no significant relationship to global warming (there’s no trend at all in such blocking events in that region, for instance).

But the team did conclude that warming surface temperatures, combined with future rare meteorological moments of this sort, will “produce heat waves materially more severe than the 2010 event.” If that sounds familiar, it should. This is precisely how climatologists have described the significance of the building greenhouse effect for decades.


Update dateline September 2nd 2010
The Huffington Post Reports Greenland Iceberg Four Times Bigger Than Manhattan Breaks Off Glacier

WASHINGTON — A giant ice island has broken off the Petermann Glacier in northern Greenland.

A University of Delaware researcher says the floating ice sheet covers 100 square miles – more than four times the size of New York’s Manhattan Island.

Andreas Muenchow, who is studying the Nares Strait between Greenland and Canada, said the ice sheet broke off early Thursday. He says the new ice island was discovered by Trudy Wohlleben of the Canadian Ice Service.

Maybe now is a good time to just give all the climate skeptics an island ice nation of their very own where they can live and play in an ice palace forever lost in a winter wonderland of denial and ridicule.

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