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Charlie Sheen’s Full Moon Mania! (Or Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophe all in one!)

March 19, 2011

Seems like with each passing moment there is news of a new disaster. People are falling into an seemly endless malaise mania of catastrophe overload. But rest assured that no earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear catastrophe cannot compare to the current Hollywood Meltdown. It was even foreshadowed in the 2008 parody film “Disaster Movie”. The Third rail for Charlie has nothing to do with moral turpitude in as much as it does with his questions of the 9/11 Report the sin to which he apparently has fallen prey.

The Illustrated Sutra of Cause and Effect 8th Century Japan

Truth is always the first casualty.

Institutional Investment Bankers such as the Carlyle Group are the ones who are really after Charlie’s head but he is winning…. Under this full Virgo Moon Charlie has thrown down the gauntlet. It is not a question of winning or losing. For the thousand of people who lost dear family members it becomes someone to raise a heroic voice to question the status quo. The truth remains hidden behind a golden wall of lies and deceit. They have already collected their hedge funds and realized the  collapse of not just the Twin Towers but rather the very near collapse of the Constitution of the United States of America. The manufacturing might of this nation transferred to places that enjoy the benefits of slave labor… AIG that got hundreds of billions of dollars from the pockets of the American Taxpayer so that it could pay executives compensation to those who collected hundred million dollars bonus in order that they (AIG the “American Insurance Group”) Can underwrite the automotive industry in China… Where (so as to add insult to injury) it is against the law for a Chinese Citizen to buy a car that is manufactured in the United States!

Indeed Welcome to the New World Order! Give’em Hell Charlie! At least let’em know what to expect when they arrive. March 19 is The closest perigee of the Moon in almost 20 years… On the Cusp of the Vernal Equinox 30% brighter and it’s a Virgo Moon to boot… Custom made for a maniac Virgo warlock.

In an astrological note this Harmonic convergence cannot be overlooked as we have a sequence events starting with the X-Flare on Tuesday February 15th again on March 10th which was directly at the Earth… Parallel to the Earth magnetic fields which created the maximum and optional alignment for electrical induction into the Earth’s core. On March 11th Japan experiences on of the most violent Earthquakes ever recorded followed by the most destructive tsunami in recorded civilization. This served as the trigger for the nuclear meltdown… But the Hollywood meltdown was the precursor of all. The Torpedo of Truth! Batman, Spider-man, and Rambo roiled into one! (BTW any spare goddesses don’t forget ur bro yo!;-)

Truth be told we here at the PNN do keep a few spare goddess of our own in special reserve. But on a more serious note, though there have been worst disasters… We all remember Katrina and most recently the Queensland floods in 2010

“Pakistan hit by floods of unimaginable magnitude – with over 13.8 million affected – which the UN has categorized as bigger human catastrophe than the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake combined!”

Still the recent catastrophe in Japan is certainly the most expensive by almost any measure. The body count will be assessed for years to come… It is truly a global event in nature… Its impact and consequences will be felt by the world community for decades to come.

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