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Halloween’s Savory Flavors

November 1, 2015
Conjure DoctorBuzzard ©2015

©DoctorBuzzard 2015

Playboy Halloween

Hugh Hefner and the stunningly beautiful Crystal Hefner. They only come out at night… Especially Halloween night!

There’s also that other side of Halloween which falls into the season of the year… The pumpkin spice is awfully nice. As not just the aroma but the breathtakingly Highest Falls colorful views.

White Water Falls

Highest falls east of the Mississippi. White Water Falls © Max Holland

Everything about the fall season is filled with the finest flavors.

Dillard House

From the table of the Dillard House.

Dillard House

Dillard House Fall lunch menu.

The tables are filled by the color of the season.

Grove Park Inn Fall 2015

Grove Park Inn terrace gardens.

Everyplace you turn there’s something or someone coming to a party… Like it or not… Slaves to the season.

Happy Halloween is Fall with a lot more treats than tricks and really getting hotter than summer… Well at least you see a lot more hotties!
Global warming no kidding!
Happy Halloween! Where the tricks are the treats!!!

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