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Happy New Year and Congratulations to Shay Parker’s Psychic of the Year

January 20, 2016

DoctorBuzzard and The Fire Dancer from Siler City

Starting out the New Year with a bit of flare, a decision was made to spice up the act. Private Dancer the ad read. Fire dancing a specialist! A phone number contact DangerJes asbestos firesuit maybe required. Now direct from the Claremont the listing of Siler City caught my eye as this is the location of a psychic vortex and as well as one of the most most haunted locations in North Carolina the legendary Devil’s Tramping Ground… I make mention of this in passing as Congratulation Jill M. Jackson 2015-16 psychic from Parker’s list as in a manner to underscore those things and events yet seen and unseen.

“Jill is a well respected, award winning psychic that offers her gifts in psychic mediumship, animal communication, and energy healing.
She is a compassionate, caring, and giving soul, always willing to assist her clients and those without a voice.

Jill has worked daily to uphold the standards of excellence, ethics, and professionalism that we require at Best American Psychics.”

On the drive into Siler the gray clouds closed in, as a veil of thick fog of an unnatural mist hung as a mysterious shrowd over all,passing a dead pig hit by a car left on the side of the road. The GPS goes zonkers and leads me straight into the heat of Siler City seemly a place lost in time. Regainging my co-ordinates as I pass a flock of buzzards feasting on a dead possium, undisturbed by my presents as I proceed to my destiny.

A starchild from another world, or so she was tolds and so it seemed with the delicate hands and features of a china doll… In who’s presents stood still as Rhapsody in Blue. There sometimes exist a void between truth and reality, fact and fiction… But occasionally truth so eclipses fiction so as to seem otherworldly. Indeed, this is a trip on the U.S.S. Starshipyouaintgonnbelievethislolipop! The makeup was absolutely perfect, fireylips and bejeweled eyes that sparkeled with the pearl handled Colt 45 tats upon creamy white breast… Whew!

Skipping over mountains of mysterious mischief… Sparks fly when she hits the floor. 7″ Stiletto and legs up to her neck, no one on the dance floor till the ceilings flew away. Houston the Fire Dancer from Siler City has landed! The temperature went from zero to 110 in less than 60 seconds. The crowd was at first amazed then rushing the floor seemly to bath in the shadow of her flaming maniacal movement. It was a stunning performance… So much so that the Fire Marshall ordered an evaluation. Now it was as if the evidence leapt around the world and sparked a towering inferno a half a world away… Stranger things have surely happened but not ever to me (at least not  lately). Could there be some truth to the ledgends out of Siler City after all?

 It has been the subject of persistent local legends and lore, which frequently allege that the Devil “tramps” and haunts a barren circle of ground in which nothing is supposed to grow. It has frequently been noted on lists of unusual place names.

I’m seriously considering taking this act to Las Vegas… Have Elvis roll over or rise from the dead. Happy New Year!

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