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Spirit Lake Returns

February 7, 2016

Psychic event

Returns after decades

On the way into Cassadaga members of the Geological Survey were spotted taking measurements of the hills and roadways entering the psychic spiritual community. Something is up, sinkholes or global weirdness but to the Spiritual community the reappearance of Spirit Lake is a significant event. The spirit guides are working overtime on this as it ties into changes on practically every level of metaphysical experience.

The scientific community may view the return of the lake as a kind of scientific curiousty but it’s clear to the spiritual community that it’s a sign from nature. If one is to follow “Natural Law” such as The Law of attraction but beyond Hobbs theory of jurisprudence there’s much to be surmised from such events.
In such events we find signs of both moral and physical judgements which transcend our physical world to become manifest in the metaphysical realities of our time. The clash of cultures in these events are determined outcome of war in the subterrainious movement of men and religions which lay to waste on the face of the earth. Not that the appearance of Spirit Lake comfirms or controls these precepts of Natural Law, its significance can be extrapolated to any number of levels of understanding… Or time, which is a human invention for commerence but simply doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm.
In the late 19th and early 20th century, following The War of Northern Aggression, George Colby help found the Spiritual movement with the help of two sisters,P.T. Barnum, and Horice Greely. In a vision that came about as a result of paranormal activity, which started in a house in upstate New York which not only lead to fame for sisters Maggie and Katie Fox but the eventual founding of the modern spiritist movement. It’s an amazing story, but cutting to the chase,it is made significant from the visions from George Colby and a movement that founded the Cassadaga Spiritual association (1894), and the larger spiritual movement across the continent itself. The house of the Rockefeller’s account, George and Charlotte Snipes is on the promenade of the spirit walk.

Rockerfeller's accountant

Rockerfeller’s accountant

The energies that are transported across space and time… From the Spirit garden to the Devil’s Chair.

The rumors still abound

The rumors still abound

The Cassadaga Spiritual Association remain a very active metaphysical and spiritual community which finds resonance in the moment which is our time.

The very viberant spiritual community of Cassadaga activities, on going daily.

The very viberant spiritual community of Cassadaga activities, on going daily.

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