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The Metapsychics of the Trump’s Phenomenal Rise

March 30, 2016
Psychic Trump

Sometimes there are those whom are called to the right service at the precise moment when the angels command… Apparently this is how the Universe works more often than not. One could not, under any circumstance, consider Trump a cleric or minister of the poor and needy but then there he is the saviour of the American people, and perhaps even the world. True Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan come from distinctly different backgrounds but the resonant frequency is almost exactly the same, a child can see it, and the party cronies fear it. A response to the disruption of the force, Trump has become a force of nature unto himself, as Zeus casting lighting bolts. Now the country is tetering towards the abyss or hurling into a new American century. The abyss remains the dark forces business as usual or the reemergence of a renewed nation, a thriving new automotive industry with Tesla and solar electric car factories on the horizon. Airports refashioned with 21st century guidance controls, delivery pizza at your smart drone door port…Pollution free products for a ecofriendly expident inspired efficiency.In a time when all seemed lost to the dark forces of Political Correctness and the black hole of tHE nEW wORLD oRDER… A man of courage and conviction appears on the barren landscape. Champion the Second Amendment, defining borders, and establishment of fair trade guidelines, rebuilding the military, and putting our economic engine back in order. Something of a tall order but do not underestimate Trump’s extraordinary communication skills, which are indeed, beyond exceptional.

2016-02-25 20.51.46

Those who have their selfish ends at heart do at their own peril. There remain a sizeable number who believe the past is a blueprint for the future… But they are wrong, its indeed recipe for disaster. Now more than ever it is apparent to all how governors can manipulate the outcomes in their States… John Kasich n Scott Walker high hopes to steal the will of the People in a contested convention. We see it you better believe.

It is often said that evangelicals in America are theologically 3000 miles wide and two inches deep.Many are asking, has this now slipped to one inch?

The rise of a man who defies Christian doctrine and Biblical teaching at multiple levels, is something we have not seen since Ronald Reagan, a divorced and remarried man, stepped into the White House, also with the approval of America’s evangelicals, who ditched an evangelical president, in the person of Jimmy Carter.

At the core of its what some see as Trump’s Narcissistic tendency, which cannot be denied, it remains both an asset and his Achilles heel. It remains transferrable to the nation or whatever exceptional project that demands attention. The only problem maybe one of balance between authoritarian tendency and Constitutional principals… However you cut it he’s the man for the times and failure is not an option. It remains a vortex of tremendous psychic energy he’s tapped the huge reservoir and captured the imagination of the nation.

In a related story, a psychic mom has predicted that Trump will indeed get the nomination

ANDOVER, MA — Americans will elect the 45th President of the United States in 2016, and psychic medium Kelle Sutliff is predicting that Donald Trump will come out on top.

Sutliff made the prediction, along with a number of other predictions, three weeks before the terrorist attacks in November in Paris.

“Ronald Reagan… Nobody ever thought he could win, either,” Sutliff said.

The mother of three teenagers, said she thinks Trump will select a running mate from the current slate of Republican candidates, “And they will sweep into office.”

Another psychic, Michelle Whitedove, (who bills herself as the #1 American psychic) believes Trump will get the nomination but lose to Hillary in a rigged election…

The stage has been set and you are watching a grand performance. As I see into the future, my 2016 updated Election Predictions:

As I had predicted in my January 2016 political blogs:

I wrote ” I’m predicting that this will be the all-time low of dirty mudslinging campaigning. Now It seems that our prospective Presidents will be taking a cue from trash TV. I foresee that this campaign will be the dirtiest, immature, name calling, inappropriate, unhealthy bullying and negative campaigning… the likes that we’ve not witnessed.” It’s happened – can you believe this video!

Now March 17th 2016 I’m telling you, it will get worse with more underhanded negative campaigning.

One thing I do agree on with Whitedove is that all we can do is pray… No Hillary just NO!

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  1. Robert Long permalink
    April 2, 2016 3:46 pm

    Jesus! er,,,,,,uhhhhhhhhmmm….yeah,,,,,right

  2. April 2, 2016 6:15 pm

    Doubtful this is the second coming but the man has hit a nerve and the response is rather amazing. Despite the fact that every major media outlet has had him in their crosshairs from day one and both the GOP n Democrats are throwing knives from every directing, Trump not only has survived but seems to thrive… Believe it or not.

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