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Psychic Trump and Tempest in a Facebook Teapot

April 18, 2016
You best believe.

Mark 13-8 “Nation will rise against and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.”

It looks more and more like the internet is becoming the frontline of Political Correctness… It was of late that results of The Psychic News Network were being pulled by unfounded complaints from competition’s outrageous claims of infringment. More than that it serves a murky agenda of Political Correctness and “Globalism”, whom seek to subvert the Constitutional rights of all citizens. Some of these forces remain in the shadows, while others, such as Facebook, are openly engaged in political censorship and make no bones about it. However much is made of Mark Zukerberg’s remarks he recently made inpassing when making reference to the wall, in his F8 address, seems in the dark shadow of 9/11 a bit naive. 

This wall, which not unlike fenses, will make for the best neighbors and protects our nation’s citizens. The day approaches and much will be forgotten as a series of events slam into the fan… There’s no going back.

After all the attacks by the IRS on The Teaparty, you have George Looney on the Sunday morning news shows talking about the politics of fear. Good lord, theses star studded popcorn idiots fear the truth of common sense almost as much as they do Donald Trump. Its actually that they care more about not insulting those whom protect the 9/11 bullshit… But their day is coming. Believe.

Jona Goldberg recently wrote a propganda piece in National Review titled “For Trump Supporters, a Reckoning Is at Hand” as surely it is for us all but not the day of self mutilation and national guilt but rejoicing in the release of dark truth. There’s fear and then there’s that moment… Earthquakes wars and rumors of war. The reckoning is at hand and fast approaching.

No one is claiming Trump to be a messianic messenger BUT the Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways.

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