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Brave New World

December 12, 2016

The misinformation from low information celebrities is considered gospel from a mindless fan of base minions. First we have a Full Moon in Gemini on the 13th… Why this would not energize President-elect Trump’s chart is a bit of a mystery but seems just the thing necessary, at least to Stefanie of “Saturn Sisters” who’s in the process of planning an astrological Coup d’etat against the incoming Trump administration. Seeing the moon conjunction with his natal sun as the opportunity to set forces in nature aimed toward the karmic destruction of Trump and his nefarious plans to destroy the women, LGBT, and Hispanic muslims and throw them all “under the bus” so to speak.

To wit one can only speak… Children get a grip. It’s not gonna happen, not even close. All this things you ascribe to President-elect Trump are a complete fabrication of your rather wild imagination. The aspect can only energize his chart even more than it already is… So that if what you fear had even the slightest bit of truth, not only would you be thrown under but rather ran down by same said bus and Trump would be driving. The thing is Trump is a complete Alpha and this is a frightening Spector to the forever beta communities. The facts however point to a completely different direction. In other words, my dear Stefanie, we have much bigger fish to fry. A budget run amuck, a foreign policy with little to no direction, factories leaving the country in droves (over 70,000 in the past few years)… Not to mention a war to fight with Obama’s Junior Varsity, that has taken hold of 90% of the Middle East, according to recent radical Islamic terrorist estimates.

For my part, I pray for the health of the country, thank God Almighty for Donald J. Trump and wish that those of you who remain in fear for your lives get a grip. I see the true meaning of Christmas as peace on earth and love for your fellow travelers in this time line. Ours, as Astrologers, is a serious responsibility to mankind and civilization because we are the navigators of time. It is time we measured up and pull together and make our nation as great as our creed and Constitutional commitment. Help President-elect Trump to help us out of this wilderness of tHE nEW wORLD oRDER into a bright and brave new world… And a future of unlimited possibilities!

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