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The President’s Day

February 21, 2017

This is the outline of the Facist left’s agenda, their Mein kampf of sorts a work in progress.

Step 1) remove firearms Step 2) Socialized medicine Step 3) Start a war with Russia. Step 4) Roundup all the illegal undocumented Democrats issue them green cards and drivers license so they can register to vote and appear as a vast majority in next election. Step 5) Have George Seros fund riots and corruption. However,

We The People, can not and will not allow this tyranny to transpose itself upon our freedoms.


@henrymcmaster w/with wife in pic but in years past along w/Eudora B. Jolly (in Spartanburg 1960s), J.Strom Thurmond, helped build the Republican Party in SC. Mrs.Jolly was an early supporter of Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. It’s nice to be the Governor and Trump supporter on the day he first picked up steam in his race for the Whitehouse in South Carolina.

Govenor McMasters

Govenor McMasters

The problem is not in looking back into a rich history but going forward into the future you have an unholy alliance with foreign investors who, with the more than willing help of celebrities on the left, intend to bring down the Constitutional rights guaranteed by our Republic and replace them with those of the Islamic State.

Globalist and international manipulator

Globalist and international manipulator

Future of any president faces from outside influence foreign and domestic. Presently there’s an unholy alliance with those celebrities on the left uniting with the policies of The Islamic State. Lending both money and prestige to those who would do away with our Constitution and replace it with their own form of European migration.

Speaking of the European Migration, last night in Sweden
Was Trump right about Sweden after all? Riot breaks out in Stockholm suburb the president referred to in his speech about immigration problems after police arrest drug dealer

The suburb, north of central Stockholm, has a population made up of 75 per cent immigrants.
‘We will make sure to reestablish law and order,’ Lars Byström, press officer at the Stockholm police told Aftonbladet.
Swedish Minister of Interior Anders Ygeman added: ‘The police do not back out, the police are there. It is good that the police intervene, they arrested a wanted person.
‘They have expanded their presence in our suburbs and it has led to more interventions, it can also risk getting a bit messy, but in the end it leads to greater security for the residents’, he told the national daily SVD.


The problem is Merkel must go and Germany must see this but she’s hand picked by the Globalist. The media is an enemy, if not of the people, certainly of the President. If you’ve broken the law you’re subject to the same law as anyone else living in this country. 11 million is an old number, the truth is something north of 25 million and if illegal they’ll be returned home. The same ought to be done in Germany and the other states if European culture is to survive.

The problem is not Merkel, McCain, or even Soros alone… The Globalist who operate in the shadow and would have war with Russia must be held accountable for their crimes but easier said A complete list of Rothschild owned and controlled banks

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