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Stargate Trump

June 14, 2018

One of the best gifts that We, the American People, can give President Trump is to point to the gift he’s provided to us, not to mention our continued support. You see the media elites attacking on all sides, they’re blinded by their pathological hatred of President Trump. In fact, the same happened during the election campaign and it happened on both sides of the aisle tried to combine to Never-Trumpers and Russia Russia Russia but to their own undoing. Despite massive amount of money and the Intelligence services arrangements for a soft coup with the DNC’s sponsorship the dossier of creating a crime where no crime actually existed. The entire Department of Justice weaponization against President Trump and the will of the people. Through it all President Trump has plowed straight through to victory after victory.

The fact that President Trump continues to emerge victorious despite all odds is not an accident. Rather, IMHO, President Trump has mastered some powerful metaphysical principles.

First thing that becomes apparent is that President Trump is not a prisoner of linear thought. The second is his powerful ability to visualize a certain a specific reality that exist in a future point of time. And the third exist in his power of will and desire to BELIEVE. The fact President Trump had his birthday before his negotiations and even before his actual birthday illustration of the power of a birthday wish.

The understanding of space time as it exist beyond our three dimensional mind is clearly an advantage. Though our brain is able to process an amazing amount of information our senses provide, it’s all a process that exist from moment to moment. However theoretical physics provides a vastly different model. Trump’s battle is relentless but he apparently doesn’t fatigue or retreat. One explanation is found in application of metaphysics to the theoretical universe which manifest itself into our three dimensional moment… Call it the Trump Stargate.

The theoretical proof has provided a mathematical probability of 11 different dimensional time bubbles, ten of which are reduced to points of infinity and the 11th existence is within every possible moment within every point of infinity simultaneously as allowing all dimensional realities to collapse upon the other. We might call this 11th dimension source (tho strictly speaking it’s not a dimension but rather a kind of container that exist every point in every dimension) or something others might call the God mind. This is a very abbreviated explanation of a vastly more complex universe which exist within a community of theoretical underpinnings in all these probabilities varieties of universes that exist simultaneously beyond and within our dimensional space.

The brain is a servant of our perception of the universe, the mind’s eye is the home of imagination’s genius few enjoy. The ability of the mind to conceive of dreams beyond our reality is key. The ability of the mind’s eye to trick the brain into BELIEVING creates the space to manifest that dream into our reality. This has the additional advantage of not requiring a majority vote. The same thing is illustrated by a Chessmaster during a simultaneous match against 50 players with no losses and perhaps a rare draw which happens within the reality of probability.

Even those who are ardent adversaries will give grudging support to the truth that Trump is a true master of negotiations. Perhaps the President isn’t conscience of the metaphysics but in his approach to all issues is one who is in complete control of the courage of their convictions.

Whatever his secret he’s brought the world back from the brink of nuclear war. In the process created a secured foundation for peace and prosperity. The MSM will no doubt continue their open warfare upon what historians may recognize as one of our nations greatest Presidents. In any honest assessment the progress of his administration in the face of tremendous odds and constant wins will remain remarkable in any context. Successful conclusion of the North Korean negotiations will open a new chapter, not just for the Korean people who have families separated by politics, but for 7,000 families in the United States who have been waiting 60 years for closure. Not to mention people around the world who are now protected from the menace of nuclear proliferation.

People everywhere should welcome the timeline of Stargate Trump and the promise of prosperity this new era offers. Indeed we all share in this future as we walk the walk of this brave new world. The complete CIA Stargate archives are now available online, while they have been theoretically available since the 1990’s they were difficult to view and were restricted to certain hours… But now view for yourself Project Star Gate

BBC gives additional background on Project StarGate BBC StarGate background

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know
Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

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