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Fall Colors in K9

October 22, 2019
K9 SuperPup

The most amazing things happen when some say it is impossible or cannot be done. All in all together to produce some remarkable k9 pups born on 9/11 in the most unexpected manner. Some of the most beautiful Falls are not necessary in the mountains of Western North Carolina…

Fall in Falling Colors

To add to some of these falling colors are some new and colorful creatures who were an amazing surprise if not an absolute miracle. Every breeder I’ve talked to has made mention of the fact that this was not possible but there they are a mystery in the lovely colors of the fall.

All in No kidding

This is no doubt the land of falls with some 250 waterfalls within the Asheville Bevard landscape, in its all very beautiful but what troubles me is that mine keep falling off the porch, like the leaves of the trees they blend in with the landscape. White Black red blue silver tan and brown…

This one turns out to have blue eyes check them out!
Just the Blues Blue and silver Autumn leaves left me falling off the bed
All ears Ears up for food in bed.

Their rate of growth is something akind to a field of colorful weeds… So everyone gets their shots soon than later.

Breakfast in bed Nap time

Not to be outdone these magical creatures seem to congregate in the hills and woodlands of this mystical forest. The land of the White Squirrel

The White squirrel is checking to see if there’s any family resemblance
I'm the daddy Lt.Anderson of the Spartanburg K9 Unit is sure he’s got the suspect in tow Bocephus

As an interestesing footnote, the K9’s have a proud and distinguished military service record… Conand is a recent example but there’s also Cario who was instrumental in the Bin Laden operation and indeed from the very beginning their’s is a sterling but whispered legendary service below the radar as their mission is beyond tinseled towns graphics or even the most powerful military might, as it is of heart no machine made of man can replicate or detract.

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