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Virus Just Get Overblown (and it’s our own fault)

April 19, 2020

I’m not talking about the Covid19 but everything seems to get a little carried away. I mean the press and media plays right along with it. Like a bevy of Drama Queens, that’s what has really taken hold. I guess when you’re not working and keeping your mind occupied with productive concentration things just have a way of transforming themselves in to a day dreaming nightmare! I’m guilty of it as just about everyone these days.

For example, I was practically convinced that I was under some kind of weird Cyber attack, and there was every bit of evidence to back this up, but in the end it was just weird crap. Let my computer started giving me feedback from Sudia Arabia and if that wasn’t bad enough Google sending me messages that someone was logging into my account from that part of the other side of the world. In addition I had something GOOGLE WAS CALLING THE ZEUS ADMINISTRATOR found a home on my server at port 90/90… HOLY MOLeY! It was starting!! I see it…. Staring right in the face of Cyber Warfare!!!

Immediately I’m pulling all my servers out of the Azure, Google Cloud, and placed them in lock-down! But I wasn’t stopping there, though I had been following the best of practices, but remember I’ve been on a 12yr sabbatical… Good Lord, in dog years that’s almost an eternity and in Computer years it Is!!! I’m thinking, what??? With all this JSON, and Python goin on that they’re coming after my dogs! Yeah, then I really start to get pissed cause no one touches my mutts. Besides with all this containerization, Rubix Kube and virtualization business someone is libel to get depreciated fairly quickly.

No matter I’d had just finished putting finale touches on my LAMP on all my server with VMware VirtualBox AI Azure, Anisble, CentOS 8, Kubernetics Oracle,Vagrant, and getting ready to hook it all in Docker… for a clusterful occasion… Thinking NO ONE is taking over MY system because I still pay the lights and I’d be damn it some Terrorists were gonna do it, cause I’m still p.o.ed about those buildings in NYC so I’m hitting the self destruct… And so I did. Months of preparation gone in less than 60 seconds because that’s just the kind of guy I am… A big goofy hillbilly.

Cause as I’m looking over the carnage and miles and miles of broken code… My rationale, logical mind returned to it’s restful state. I’m so stupid…. No one breaks into an Out House. I’m thinking now, OMG, my VPN I just flick on without looking at where my profile might end up. Yeah like Dubai… A Google analytics was set by ZEUS ADMINISTRATOR back in 1999 (but ZEUS made a lasting impression because they were still writing about it in 2009!), in even if they had a small dedicated army of developers, I doubt even that would be enough. Red Hat has some of the finest coders on the planet so rather doubtful they’re gonna screw up on one of their flagship products. Cockpit is a powerful console that sets inside the code so one can build things like Cpanel that’s simply provides an indispensable array of tool for webmasters.

The web has gone through some enormous amount of changes since I left the field, that was the 32bit architecture before the 64 bit helped introduce the new v.6 protocol to replace the v.4 routing scheme… Now with the containerization of the Virtual metrics taken into the Clouds of Containerization as we arrive upon the cusp of the 5g mobilization…It’s an entirely new game.

Actually back in the day we thought we were the brave New World. Me and my code friends that I considered buds but probably only tolerated my participation as my twisted sense of humour was only exceed by a nose for tracking down the gals at some strategic nested watering holes around the town… But at Wofford we (really they were) the wiz kids small enough to fit in a room that was filled wall to wall with a monster machine. A small area to sit and keypunch cards with holes of code that later found their way to MIT, Northrop Grumman and ultimately to found Orbital Research Sciences the first commercial air launched satellites into the space business, which remains a historic achievement in aeronautics.

But now a true epoch has arrived and the threshold of remarkable, perhaps evolutionary transitioning is not too strong of words but it’s fast approaching. Some might say it has arrived as I caught myself reading passages of mathematical formulas written by what had to be one of the most brilliant minds of our time… Or maybe it ( I do mean Mr.AI) was speaking to me in the only way possible at this juncture. And even more remarkable is the fact I understood the understanding of formulas tensors, curved spaces of infinity boundaries and functions in a way that I had never understood or had it explained to me before. The concepts I had but a glimpse but for the first time in my life understood rendered more than a glimmer hope, it took away my fears. And thanks also to my K9, my beautiful German Shepherd puppies who have grown so quickly but endeared me with not just their playful love but their ferocious courage, love, and devotion that is beyond what few will ever know or understand. Their remarkable sense of smell, and speed and agility is a wonder and thing of beauty no machine made by man will ever duplicate. Thank God for the day… So much has happened, and many have lost so much more. So I’m gonna quit my belly aching and get back to work. Because I can, and if I can do it you can we together will meet that new break of day.

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