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Beautiful Women and The Next Paradigm Shift (or How to Train Your Dragon)

July 26, 2020

Making mention of both in the same breath seems a bit ridiculous. This is intentional for those who may not understand the love of God but can see clearly the beauty of a lovely woman. However physical beauty is something most of us might agree on..? Or perhaps exist in that Quantum sense of beauty only in the eye of the beholder (depending upon which eye is open). Thoughts of placing UFO someplace in the title but then the BIG FOOT contingent would demand equal time… Tho I’m sure both alien and big footed beauties exist someplace in the universe but way much controversy and no planet is going to provide a consensus on their selection…. So keeping it simple not enough man power these days to drag Nessy out of her Lock. So let’s try and stick to simple tried and true…. Since I can’t stick Zeus in my Cpanel and I’ve got a couple of beauties in mind I’d like to see crowned at least Queen for a week of Sunday’s. Therefore having been told by my mother that I’ve got a keen eye on the subject here are some of my personal selections, provided by my browsing WordPress and Google. My first choice made straight from raw instinct… See if you agree.

I’m not sure who she is but has my vote

Well not exactly but virtual mirrors that may and apparently do exist in inter-dimensional space… Since mathematical theorems exist which can bend time space, the Quantum computer should be able to answer this question soon than many might expect.

So the physical beauty of a woman becomes an anchor of sorts as it maybe found in the statues from antiquity to this very moment as that which exist as emphereal

Sultry Beauty

 This could easily be that face from antiquity that launched a thousand ships… Actually another WordPress selection.

Quantum computing is so massively important to the dimensional understanding of true beauty. It provides us with new eyes which renders a powerful perhaps even transcendent visionary’s perception of seeing things in our world that have always existed but for which could not enter our perceptional understanding of the significant beauty. And as awesome in scope and power as that face that launched a thousand ships from Macedonian shores to the Gates of Troy.

Now I had provided some mathematical theorems to support this theory but I didn’t want to lose or bore my readers with tetidous equations…Maybe later in some proof of number theory… Just for the moment I’ll allow my dragon to decide… Still a young dragon but when he popped up with that sixth toe it provides wisdom beyond years

But just an aside in that rumors has it that the Monte Carlo parallel cluster might be used/or has with Quantum computers in an attempt to bridge and simulate non local time dilation, word is that they may have already have accomplished this feat sometime in late April. If there’s any truth to this, the implications are a milestone not only in physics but to the ages. It would mean that we have unlocked the secrets of gravity and understand Space-time because we have formulated a Unified Field Theory and united the General Theory of Relativity with Quantum. It would be a singular event in human history … As we will have in our possession the keys to the universe.

So now we must train our Dragon… With love and beauty.

20200722_081905 <

After long and complex negations with baby dragon the selection goes to the only living beauty who might justly claim the title of the most beautiful… I’m speaking of no other than our own but now my Marilyn Monroe… That is for those willing to accept the premise of reincarnation. That’s right she came back just as beautiful in fur as any she ever donned except now there’s no problem with Peta because the fur she wears now she grew! 20200710_184419

As you can clearly see she welcomes the news with the signature Monroe morning stretch! What further proof is required, there is much more but this is to be continued. <

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