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Psychic Trump and Tempest in a Facebook Teapot

April 18, 2016
You best believe.

Mark 13-8 “Nation will rise against and kingdom against kingdom. There will be earthquakes in various places, and famines. These are the beginning of birth pains.”

It looks more and more like the internet is becoming the frontline of Political Correctness… It was of late that results of The Psychic News Network were being pulled by unfounded complaints from competition’s outrageous claims of infringment. More than that it serves a murky agenda of Political Correctness and “Globalism”, whom seek to subvert the Constitutional rights of all citizens. Some of these forces remain in the shadows, while others, such as Facebook, are openly engaged in political censorship and make no bones about it. However much is made of Mark Zukerberg’s remarks he recently made inpassing when making reference to the wall, in his F8 address, seems in the dark shadow of 9/11 a bit naive. 

This wall, which not unlike fenses, will make for the best neighbors and protects our nation’s citizens. The day approaches and much will be forgotten as a series of events slam into the fan… There’s no going back.

After all the attacks by the IRS on The Teaparty, you have George Looney on the Sunday morning news shows talking about the politics of fear. Good lord, theses star studded popcorn idiots fear the truth of common sense almost as much as they do Donald Trump. Its actually that they care more about not insulting those whom protect the 9/11 bullshit… But their day is coming. Believe.

Jona Goldberg recently wrote a propganda piece in National Review titled “For Trump Supporters, a Reckoning Is at Hand” as surely it is for us all but not the day of self mutilation and national guilt but rejoicing in the release of dark truth. There’s fear and then there’s that moment… Earthquakes wars and rumors of war. The reckoning is at hand and fast approaching.

No one is claiming Trump to be a messianic messenger BUT the Lord certainly does work in mysterious ways.

The Metapsychics of the Trump’s Phenomenal Rise

March 30, 2016
Psychic Trump

Sometimes there are those whom are called to the right service at the precise moment when the angels command… Apparently this is how the Universe works more often than not. One could not, under any circumstance, consider Trump a cleric or minister of the poor and needy but then there he is the saviour of the American people, and perhaps even the world. True Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan come from distinctly different backgrounds but the resonant frequency is almost exactly the same, a child can see it, and the party cronies fear it. A response to the disruption of the force, Trump has become a force of nature unto himself, as Zeus casting lighting bolts. Now the country is tetering towards the abyss or hurling into a new American century. The abyss remains the dark forces business as usual or the reemergence of a renewed nation, a thriving new automotive industry with Tesla and solar electric car factories on the horizon. Airports refashioned with 21st century guidance controls, delivery pizza at your smart drone door port…Pollution free products for a ecofriendly expident inspired efficiency.In a time when all seemed lost to the dark forces of Political Correctness and the black hole of tHE nEW wORLD oRDER… A man of courage and conviction appears on the barren landscape. Champion the Second Amendment, defining borders, and establishment of fair trade guidelines, rebuilding the military, and putting our economic engine back in order. Something of a tall order but do not underestimate Trump’s extraordinary communication skills, which are indeed, beyond exceptional.

2016-02-25 20.51.46

Those who have their selfish ends at heart do at their own peril. There remain a sizeable number who believe the past is a blueprint for the future… But they are wrong, its indeed recipe for disaster. Now more than ever it is apparent to all how governors can manipulate the outcomes in their States… John Kasich n Scott Walker high hopes to steal the will of the People in a contested convention. We see it you better believe.

It is often said that evangelicals in America are theologically 3000 miles wide and two inches deep.Many are asking, has this now slipped to one inch?

The rise of a man who defies Christian doctrine and Biblical teaching at multiple levels, is something we have not seen since Ronald Reagan, a divorced and remarried man, stepped into the White House, also with the approval of America’s evangelicals, who ditched an evangelical president, in the person of Jimmy Carter.

At the core of its what some see as Trump’s Narcissistic tendency, which cannot be denied, it remains both an asset and his Achilles heel. It remains transferrable to the nation or whatever exceptional project that demands attention. The only problem maybe one of balance between authoritarian tendency and Constitutional principals… However you cut it he’s the man for the times and failure is not an option. It remains a vortex of tremendous psychic energy he’s tapped the huge reservoir and captured the imagination of the nation.

In a related story, a psychic mom has predicted that Trump will indeed get the nomination

ANDOVER, MA — Americans will elect the 45th President of the United States in 2016, and psychic medium Kelle Sutliff is predicting that Donald Trump will come out on top.

Sutliff made the prediction, along with a number of other predictions, three weeks before the terrorist attacks in November in Paris.

“Ronald Reagan… Nobody ever thought he could win, either,” Sutliff said.

The mother of three teenagers, said she thinks Trump will select a running mate from the current slate of Republican candidates, “And they will sweep into office.”

Another psychic, Michelle Whitedove, (who bills herself as the #1 American psychic) believes Trump will get the nomination but lose to Hillary in a rigged election…

The stage has been set and you are watching a grand performance. As I see into the future, my 2016 updated Election Predictions:

As I had predicted in my January 2016 political blogs:

I wrote ” I’m predicting that this will be the all-time low of dirty mudslinging campaigning. Now It seems that our prospective Presidents will be taking a cue from trash TV. I foresee that this campaign will be the dirtiest, immature, name calling, inappropriate, unhealthy bullying and negative campaigning… the likes that we’ve not witnessed.” It’s happened – can you believe this video!

Now March 17th 2016 I’m telling you, it will get worse with more underhanded negative campaigning.

One thing I do agree on with Whitedove is that all we can do is pray… No Hillary just NO!

Spirit Lake Returns

February 7, 2016

Psychic event

Returns after decades

On the way into Cassadaga members of the Geological Survey were spotted taking measurements of the hills and roadways entering the psychic spiritual community. Something is up, sinkholes or global weirdness but to the Spiritual community the reappearance of Spirit Lake is a significant event. The spirit guides are working overtime on this as it ties into changes on practically every level of metaphysical experience.

The scientific community may view the return of the lake as a kind of scientific curiousty but it’s clear to the spiritual community that it’s a sign from nature. If one is to follow “Natural Law” such as The Law of attraction but beyond Hobbs theory of jurisprudence there’s much to be surmised from such events.
In such events we find signs of both moral and physical judgements which transcend our physical world to become manifest in the metaphysical realities of our time. The clash of cultures in these events are determined outcome of war in the subterrainious movement of men and religions which lay to waste on the face of the earth. Not that the appearance of Spirit Lake comfirms or controls these precepts of Natural Law, its significance can be extrapolated to any number of levels of understanding… Or time, which is a human invention for commerence but simply doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm.
In the late 19th and early 20th century, following The War of Northern Aggression, George Colby help found the Spiritual movement with the help of two sisters,P.T. Barnum, and Horice Greely. In a vision that came about as a result of paranormal activity, which started in a house in upstate New York which not only lead to fame for sisters Maggie and Katie Fox but the eventual founding of the modern spiritist movement. It’s an amazing story, but cutting to the chase,it is made significant from the visions from George Colby and a movement that founded the Cassadaga Spiritual association (1894), and the larger spiritual movement across the continent itself. The house of the Rockefeller’s account, George and Charlotte Snipes is on the promenade of the spirit walk.

Rockerfeller's accountant

Rockerfeller’s accountant

The energies that are transported across space and time… From the Spirit garden to the Devil’s Chair.

The rumors still abound

The rumors still abound

The Cassadaga Spiritual Association remain a very active metaphysical and spiritual community which finds resonance in the moment which is our time.

The very viberant spiritual community of Cassadaga activities, on going daily.

The very viberant spiritual community of Cassadaga activities, on going daily.

Read more…

Happy New Year and Congratulations to Shay Parker’s Psychic of the Year

January 20, 2016

DoctorBuzzard and The Fire Dancer from Siler City

Starting out the New Year with a bit of flare, a decision was made to spice up the act. Private Dancer the ad read. Fire dancing a specialist! A phone number contact DangerJes asbestos firesuit maybe required. Now direct from the Claremont the listing of Siler City caught my eye as this is the location of a psychic vortex and as well as one of the most most haunted locations in North Carolina the legendary Devil’s Tramping Ground… I make mention of this in passing as Congratulation Jill M. Jackson 2015-16 psychic from Parker’s list as in a manner to underscore those things and events yet seen and unseen.

“Jill is a well respected, award winning psychic that offers her gifts in psychic mediumship, animal communication, and energy healing.
She is a compassionate, caring, and giving soul, always willing to assist her clients and those without a voice.

Jill has worked daily to uphold the standards of excellence, ethics, and professionalism that we require at Best American Psychics.”

On the drive into Siler the gray clouds closed in, as a veil of thick fog of an unnatural mist hung as a mysterious shrowd over all,passing a dead pig hit by a car left on the side of the road. The GPS goes zonkers and leads me straight into the heat of Siler City seemly a place lost in time. Regainging my co-ordinates as I pass a flock of buzzards feasting on a dead possium, undisturbed by my presents as I proceed to my destiny.

A starchild from another world, or so she was tolds and so it seemed with the delicate hands and features of a china doll… In who’s presents stood still as Rhapsody in Blue. There sometimes exist a void between truth and reality, fact and fiction… But occasionally truth so eclipses fiction so as to seem otherworldly. Indeed, this is a trip on the U.S.S. Starshipyouaintgonnbelievethislolipop! The makeup was absolutely perfect, fireylips and bejeweled eyes that sparkeled with the pearl handled Colt 45 tats upon creamy white breast… Whew!

Skipping over mountains of mysterious mischief… Sparks fly when she hits the floor. 7″ Stiletto and legs up to her neck, no one on the dance floor till the ceilings flew away. Houston the Fire Dancer from Siler City has landed! The temperature went from zero to 110 in less than 60 seconds. The crowd was at first amazed then rushing the floor seemly to bath in the shadow of her flaming maniacal movement. It was a stunning performance… So much so that the Fire Marshall ordered an evaluation. Now it was as if the evidence leapt around the world and sparked a towering inferno a half a world away… Stranger things have surely happened but not ever to me (at least not  lately). Could there be some truth to the ledgends out of Siler City after all?

 It has been the subject of persistent local legends and lore, which frequently allege that the Devil “tramps” and haunts a barren circle of ground in which nothing is supposed to grow. It has frequently been noted on lists of unusual place names.

I’m seriously considering taking this act to Las Vegas… Have Elvis roll over or rise from the dead. Happy New Year!

Halloween’s Savory Flavors

November 1, 2015
Conjure DoctorBuzzard ©2015

©DoctorBuzzard 2015

Playboy Halloween

Hugh Hefner and the stunningly beautiful Crystal Hefner. They only come out at night… Especially Halloween night!

There’s also that other side of Halloween which falls into the season of the year… The pumpkin spice is awfully nice. As not just the aroma but the breathtakingly Highest Falls colorful views.

White Water Falls

Highest falls east of the Mississippi. White Water Falls © Max Holland

Everything about the fall season is filled with the finest flavors.

Dillard House

From the table of the Dillard House.

Dillard House

Dillard House Fall lunch menu.

The tables are filled by the color of the season.

Grove Park Inn Fall 2015

Grove Park Inn terrace gardens.

Everyplace you turn there’s something or someone coming to a party… Like it or not… Slaves to the season.

Happy Halloween is Fall with a lot more treats than tricks and really getting hotter than summer… Well at least you see a lot more hotties!
Global warming no kidding!
Happy Halloween! Where the tricks are the treats!!!

Daytona’s Plaza Resorts and Spa Haunted Hangout

May 27, 2015

This is one of these odd places that actually lives up to its billing. It was built and opened it doors to the public in 1905. It has had some of the most interesting and documented paranormal activity recorded in North America. There must be some sort of explanation for the numbers sightings and tons of documented material online. The Plaza Resort and Spa still maintains its stately manor and excellent staff. Though the elevators are a bit dated the food is excellent and the staff amazing.

The experience itself was extremely interesting and not disappointing… ONLY could not record any actual activity. Everything happened when the camera was off. But on the bright side there was a huge amount of action, although every time the camera came on the action stopped… Convinced me. The facts of the made a believer out of me. Tho my sources are reluctant to go on the official record but willing to speak freely off the record.There is a room where the convergence of the vortex and entities was almost immediately apparent.wpid-2015-05-27-05.00.40.png.png

My theory is rather simple but explains a lot. The manner that time moves is in like smooth tides and cycles, which sometimes collide and cause disruptions in space and time. Nothing seems to escape gravity, not light, space or time… Or even spirits are so it seems. Outside this grand hotel the ocean gets really weird, its almost as the sea tide itself gets into the act.

Three people have died and more than 500 people were pulled from the ocean along beaches in Brevard, Flagler and Volusia counties in 24 hours from Sunday afternoon to 6:30 p.m. on Memorial Day as rough surf and dangerous rip currents have been keeping lifeguards busy all weekend long.

Four were transported to hospitals on Monday morning alone, according to Volusia County Beach Safety Ocean Rescue. One of the four transported, a 62-year-old visiting from Lebanon, was pronounced dead just before noon Monday. A Beach Safety spokeswoman said that person was pulled out of the water at Ormond Beach.

According to inside sources the paranormal activity is not confined to just the fire and the suicide incident of room 1111 but rather a conglomeration of disembodied spirits that enjoy the bar and play in the stairwells as documented by security cameras numerous times.

It seems that there is a force working, as a kind of magnet just outside The Plaza Resort, to draw these energies together. The thing is these forces are so intense that they can occur anytime during the day. In fact, my camera captured something of a ghostly image that seems to follow along to different places without any effort or conjuring of portals. Never was there any malicious intent but more mischievous almost playful presence of happy spirits.


When you think about it for a moment its kind of nice to have friends around and I suppose at the end of the day they’re worst places to spend eternity.

Unless you’re really interested in binding up the demons!

The Psychic News Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 Valentines Pope Resigns End of the World Edition

February 13, 2013

It has been a while since the Psychic News Network has published… We have had some amazingly horrid weather, The election of a second term of President for Mr. Obama and the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI. But beyond that its time for the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition… Even as a small planetoid hurls towards earth at over 5 miles per second! It will fly “safely” under the orbit of our communication and weather satellites. The closest approach since records have been kept on this sort of thing. As the Vatican was struck twice by lighting shortly after the Pope announced the first abdication in 600 years… I saw this as a kind of sign and thought it might be a good time to publish what could be the last best record of mankind’s folly!
First of all, let me just thank Patrice Cole for Posing for the cover as our newly crowned Psychic News Queen!

Partrice Nicole

Biography: Patrice Cole is a gifted Celebrity Astrologer, Numerologist and Spiritual Advisor. In February 2012 and October of 2012 , she was voted #1 Top Astrologer and # 2 Top Psychic in the world, reference, “The Register of the United States and World Best & Most Trusted Psychics, Mediums and Healers in International Rank Order 2012-2013”. When Patrice was growing up, she loved helping others and was extremely sensitive, intuitive and compassionate.

As far as the President’s State of the Union Address, No doubt they need a plan to grow the middle class and jobs… Perhaps by making Mandarin Chinese language required study. The President gave a fairly decent speech under the circumstances . There is going to be trouble with North Korea and Iran… Selling F-16s to the Muslim Brotherhood is probability not the best idea at the moment. Climate change is really no joke, while moving to natural gas, solar, and wind make sense because its also sustainable and renewable… Besides its the right thing to do.

Cyber security is long over due. There is no doubt that the problems experienced by Boeing was in fact due to a cyber attack. In the meantime, China has already downloaded the plans for the entire 787 aircraft and will, in all likelihood, have their assembly factory constructed and ready for full production within the next few months. What worries me about President Obama is that he is able to render great lips service but does not have to follow through that is necessary to keep this nation secure.

On a lighter note Lightning strikes St Peter’s Basilica as Pope resigns Lightning strikes St Peter Basilica as Pope resigns

Pope Benedict has shocked a billion Roman Catholics around the world, and his closest advisers, by announcing that he will resign at the end of this month.

Within hours of Pope Benedict announcing his resignation, lightning struck St Peter’s Basilica.

The Pope, who is 85 years old, has been the head of the Church since 2005.

But Now as to what you really come to see! Kate Upton and the new SI Swimsuit 2013 cover preview 😉

Kate Upton on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 edition for the second time

Kate Upton on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2013 edition for the second time

David Letterman’s Sports Illustrated Top Ten

Charlie Sheen’s Full Moon Mania! (Or Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear catastrophe all in one!)

March 19, 2011

Seems like with each passing moment there is news of a new disaster. People are falling into an seemly endless malaise mania of catastrophe overload. But rest assured that no earthquake, tsunami, or nuclear catastrophe cannot compare to the current Hollywood Meltdown. It was even foreshadowed in the 2008 parody film “Disaster Movie”. The Third rail for Charlie has nothing to do with moral turpitude in as much as it does with his questions of the 9/11 Report the sin to which he apparently has fallen prey.

The Illustrated Sutra of Cause and Effect 8th Century Japan

Truth is always the first casualty.

Institutional Investment Bankers such as the Carlyle Group are the ones who are really after Charlie’s head but he is winning…. Under this full Virgo Moon Charlie has thrown down the gauntlet. It is not a question of winning or losing. For the thousand of people who lost dear family members it becomes someone to raise a heroic voice to question the status quo. The truth remains hidden behind a golden wall of lies and deceit. They have already collected their hedge funds and realized the  collapse of not just the Twin Towers but rather the very near collapse of the Constitution of the United States of America. The manufacturing might of this nation transferred to places that enjoy the benefits of slave labor… AIG that got hundreds of billions of dollars from the pockets of the American Taxpayer so that it could pay executives compensation to those who collected hundred million dollars bonus in order that they (AIG the “American Insurance Group”) Can underwrite the automotive industry in China… Where (so as to add insult to injury) it is against the law for a Chinese Citizen to buy a car that is manufactured in the United States!

Indeed Welcome to the New World Order! Give’em Hell Charlie! At least let’em know what to expect when they arrive. March 19 is The closest perigee of the Moon in almost 20 years… On the Cusp of the Vernal Equinox 30% brighter and it’s a Virgo Moon to boot… Custom made for a maniac Virgo warlock.

In an astrological note this Harmonic convergence cannot be overlooked as we have a sequence events starting with the X-Flare on Tuesday February 15th again on March 10th which was directly at the Earth… Parallel to the Earth magnetic fields which created the maximum and optional alignment for electrical induction into the Earth’s core. On March 11th Japan experiences on of the most violent Earthquakes ever recorded followed by the most destructive tsunami in recorded civilization. This served as the trigger for the nuclear meltdown… But the Hollywood meltdown was the precursor of all. The Torpedo of Truth! Batman, Spider-man, and Rambo roiled into one! (BTW any spare goddesses don’t forget ur bro yo!;-)

Truth be told we here at the PNN do keep a few spare goddess of our own in special reserve. But on a more serious note, though there have been worst disasters… We all remember Katrina and most recently the Queensland floods in 2010

“Pakistan hit by floods of unimaginable magnitude – with over 13.8 million affected – which the UN has categorized as bigger human catastrophe than the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake and the 2010 Haiti earthquake combined!”

Still the recent catastrophe in Japan is certainly the most expensive by almost any measure. The body count will be assessed for years to come… It is truly a global event in nature… Its impact and consequences will be felt by the world community for decades to come.

#1 Prediction “Psychic News is Here to Stay!”

January 3, 2011

Happy New Year! And LifeStyle among others likely here to stay as well. Let’s just say its more than just changes in your life, it changes the way your life is lived. Healthier, fuller and life in more abundant. Having the empowerment over ones life to take responsibility of one life and not lay it all out as a lie at Christ feet. Sure there will always be a right and wrong of it all but the moralizing is best left to the philosophers and historians of another time. It is safe to assume that there will always be sin in the eyes of many and this may always require a degree of redemption of sorts but not necessarily coming from the parish confessional but more is in the fashion of go and sin no more. Look, even if one is not engaged in those things that are risky to ones health, we are but of mortal flesh and so why engage in such manner of things that are sure to hasten its decay.

LifeStyle will grow not because of this decay of rather in spite of it…. As traditional systems have broken down in the mist of the economic collapse (due in large part to bad of misguided trade polices, along with greedy bankers, land and investment speculators and the failure of the S&P) which undercut a healthy economic base and destroyed the factories in this country there is the realization that Henry Ross Perot was spot on correct in his analysis not only of the impact of NAFT agreement but in his assessment of the huge sucking sound. If we had elected Mr.Perot their is no question that the United States would be stronger and the world would indeed be safe for Democracy. Indeed the jobs are gone along with much of our manufacturing base, in large part ceded to China, and those jobs are never coming back.

Nature abhors a vacuum so the lifestyle is the new you… Soon it will not be an axiom but the rule by which people guide their lives because it sustains and organizes itself.

Now for other predictions

Wendy!, Dobbs Ferry’s preeminent psychic, is willing to tip her hand and share some prognostications for 2011. Though she’s unfazed about rolling the dice and putting her reputation on the line, since her crystal ball could turn out to have a short circuit, here are some developments in politics, the economy and celebrity gossip that she foresees. The one about Nicaragua is a head-scratcher, but she does not elaborate on her predictions: “Whatever comes to me comes to me,” she said. “I’ve been going out on a limb with predictions for years because they come true so often.”

-Tom Cruise breaks an arm while doing a stunt. He and wife Katie Holmes are photographed arguing a lot and rumored to divorce. But they take out an ad, a la Richard Gere and Cindy Crawford, to show their marriage is strong.

-The Stock Market is in for a bumpy start of the year with some major swings. America sends troops to Nicaragua and the market rises by April, but reacts adversely to some news by early summer. The President’s increasing unpopularity makes the market nervous. Another shaky time at the end of August, but things finally stabilize by year’s end.

-Arnold Schwarzenegger will make a run for the Oval Office and his daughter, Christina, goes into acting.

-Michael Douglas gets stronger as he battles cancer, wins another Oscar, and does anti-smoking television commercials, like Yul Brynner.

-Major floods will hit the Midwest around March or April, and big floods will inundate Texas around that time, as well. There will be serious crop damage everywhere.

-Sarah Palin drops out of Presidential race due to accusations of tax evasion and other things by an informant akin to Deep Throat, who toppled the Nixon administration.

-Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel finally get engaged. They have an adorable baby girl. Justin writes and produces a film about his life featuring his own music. Jessica surprises everyone with an Oscar nomination in 2012.

Also predictions from the psychic twins Terry and Linda Jamison according to Samuel Chong

Los Angeles, CA – Terry and Linda Jamison, the Psychic Twins and author of “Psychic Intelligence”, who correctly predicted the events of September 11 terrorist attacks in the US, are predicting more events for 2011.

In “Wings of Love Radio” recorded on November 20, 2010, the Psychic Twins predicted that Barrack Obama will be a one term president and that he will not be re-elected. Policies of President Obama will be challenged and he will have a difficult time pushing his agenda through. Do not underestimate the power of Sarah Palin, and that more women will come into power in politics and the corporate business world as more women will become the CEOs of fortune 500 companies.

The Psychic Twins also predicted job recoveries, especially in the second half of this year, albeit they are slow job recoveries. The auto industry, healthcare industry, scientific technology services, engineering, finance and accounting field will provide most of the job opportunities.

Terry and Linda Jamison says that there will be many medical breakthroughs for diseases such as cancer in general, including lung cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, as well as diabetes, heart diseases in the year of 2011. In medical diagnosis, people will be able to swallow small cameras in order to have them diagnosed.

The Really Mad Real Mad Mad-hatter Tea Party Tarts and Tarot!

October 22, 2010

However before we get to that point just a short report on the Tarts and Tarot held at the largest Halloween Party of the Year… Might as well just call this one the Tea Party Convention
(except its going to be fun!)

The Real Mad Mad-hatter Tea Party’s Doctor Buzzard’s Tarts and Tarot! Come one Come all The Really Big Show is about to begin!!!
Charlotte Oct. 22-24. Estate-Hotel-Charlotte-The World!
Be there or be square! *Film and Fun 11:11!

Ok also for those not looking to get naked and dance in the full moon light… A more tame menu of delight!